pssst, tony, down here. hey.

oh, hi crazy italian bull.

hi. yeah, im not italian, im spanish. basque, actually.

oh, hola, senior.

yeah hi. hows it going?

me? ive seen better days.

yeah, me too, im about to die.

all our days are numbered, bro.

oh i know that tony, but my number you could count on one hoof.

ouch, keemosabe. i dont know what to say.

yeah. uh huh. yeah.

so did you have a good time here on earth?

can’t complain.

meet some nice cows?

oh yeah, there were some good ones, some bad ones, you know.

actually, i dont know, whats a bad cow like?

stuck up. thinks shes all that. swats you away with her tail when you’re trying to get close.

you know what they say, if youre not getting said no to, youre not out there going for it.

yeah but some times, im just saying hi, and theyre all, moo. and im like fuck you, whore.

ok, well, maybe thats your problem. part of being a girl is the dance of them saying no. you cant be calling them names off of that first no.

well these are the stuck up ones, the heffers. dont they know who i am?

maybe they do, dude. maybe they know that you are a bullfighting bull and you wont be around for all that long and they dont wanna commit to that and just get their heart broken.

i know, trust me, i know. but they might be liking the regular bull and he might get sold before i get shipped out, or he might just keel over. there are no guarantees in life. you gotta live for the day.

true, true.

you know what i like though. and it’s the reason im talking to you right now.

yeah, whats that?

well, i do like your site, of course.


but i dont think you know it, but we like this running of the bulls stuff. we like stomping on all these fucking hooligans. these pussy ass bitches that call themselves men. want some adrenaline? here’s 12 curved inches of it right up your ass. we know we’re going out in a few days, and it’s nice to get a few shots at these fuckers before we go. take a few down with us.

never thought of that.

yeah so quit sticking up for us so much. we dont need your help, helper.

got it.

and keep chasing that anna chick. enrique aint got shit on you, partner.

play on, player.

digging: tomorrow’s baseball strike

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