apparently this web site is huge in the netherlands

and this magazine interviewed me yesterday around midnight when i was in the middle of doing a photo essay on the all star game. the interview went on for so long that i couldn’t really concentrate on the work at hand and the proof is in the pudding. please accept my apologies.

here’s excerpts of the interview which will be published in OCTOBER! in the beautifully romantic Dutch language.

What’s your middle name?

That’s a weird first question.

Are you ashamed of it?

No, it’s Hugh. I think it’s a cool middle name. It’s no Maximillion, but I like it.

Tony Hugh Pierce?

No, if you’re going to use the middle name, i think you have to use the formal first name and the suffix, Anthony Hugh Pierce III.

How do you like being an Internet pioneer?

Well, the money sure is good.

Do you make a lot of money from your site?

No. It was a joke.

What are the top ten web sites do you read?

Welch, Layne, Collins, Beam, Smith, Brown, Bukakke, Vaine, Sullivan, Sullivan, and Rabbit. I know that’s more than ten, but Rabbit doesn’t update much, neither does Amy. not enough, at least.

What do you like most about those sites?

‘Cuz sometimes they write about me. just kidding, actually because they write great and i like their topics.

Who do you wish had blogs or journals?

People you wouldnt know. friends of mine like Jeff Whalen, Stacy Sullivan, Genevieve Field, Charlie and Bonnie, Jeanine, Karisa, Morgan, Coulter. all these people have great stories to tell and i think it would be cool to read them every freaking day.

You are a bachelor, what web girl would you like to have on your date?

I wouldn’t call her a web girl, but i think Moxie lives up to her name.

Have you approached her?

No, I don’t think i’m jewish enough and i dont think i drive the right car.

You’re Jewish?

Hi, Holland, my name is Tony, i’m a young Christian minister.

What type of car do you drive?

Depends on what i rent that weekend. Last weekend it was a Saturn.

You seem to have a crush on Anna Kournikova, why?

Even though I write about her, i really have very little interest in her. It’s all a joke. I do it because the readers seem to like her.

How much of your blog is fiction?

all of it.



How much is true?

none of it. only very handsome rich white men could live the life that i portray on my blog. i’m none of those.

Why isn’t Ashley your girlfriend?

She’s too young. But I will tell you this. Of all the girls who ive dated in the last year, she understands me the most, she is into me the most, she understands our relationship the best, and she wants to be with me the most. i was with her on the 4th and when i dropped her off and she walked to her apartment i looked at her, her long blonde hair, her belly shirt, her new butterfly tattoo peaking out from her hip hugger jeans, i thought, what the hell are you doing man? dont let that girl walk away. but i did.

Why did you?

cuz im not selfish. she should be with boys her own age.

Do you smoke pot?

only when im in Amsterdam.

Have you ever been to Holland?

several times, i love it there.


Sure, what’s not to love? It’s more American than America.

Why do you write about sex so much on your web site?

I don’t think i write about it enough. i censor myself all the time. most of the biggest blogs around mostly talk about sad, terrible, horrible miserable news regarding liars, murderers, and less than appealing people. i would like to see more blogs that write about happy things and the pursuit of fun. then i would like to see them actually talk about the good times they had.

Why don’t people write about those “happy” things?

well it’s not easy, first of all. it’s so much easier to say, “oh, that george bush, what an ass, can you believe…” than, “this girl came over the other night and we banged so hard it was like two Mack trucks playing chicken.”

But you write those things and you’re quite popular.

Ah ha, i don’t write about those things. I hint a lot but i dont really write about it. And it’s sad because people shouldn’t feel ashamed to talk about the good times they have.

I’m sure you get a lot of hits when you write risque material?

No, i get mean letters, and people call me terrible names. These are the same women who watch Sex & the City, and put hundreds of pictures of themselves in sexy poses, but when a guy talks about dating in a frank manner and actually gets lucky now and then, suddenly he’s a manwhore who degrades women. it’s pathetic.

But i know people who have written you pleasant emails.

yes, i get them, but not because of one particular topic or entry. i totally love the nice emails, when people write them it’s to say that they are regular readers and they’re appreciative. they’re the reason i do this every day.

Don’t you do it for the attention?

not at all. i wish i hadn’t done all of this on, i wish i would have had the foresight to call it i prefer anonymity. the main theme about my blog is that i am a normal person who doesn’t have a lot of physical or material things, im not terribly handsome or bright and all this good shit happens to me because im nice and i was blessed with great friendships.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I doubt that i’ll ever grow up, but i would like to have a cable access talk show called “Bloggers.”

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