Roaming correspondent Steve Adams reporting in.

Of all the celebrities and groups pushing an environmental agenda, there has been one group totally left out of the debate: the Druids.

True, they were stupid enough to build Stonehenge to tell time when all they had to do was send someone to Switzerland to buy a watch, but I think it�s unfair to hold this against them. They have been charged by Mother Earth, who is one bad mother shut-your-mouth, with defense of the Earth. I decided to ask a Druid priestess about environmental issues. However, all I could get was a Druid priestess in training.

woohaa2k1: Hey, can I ask a couple of questions

druidess_in_training: ummmm…i guess

woohaa2k1: good. My name is Steven Adams; I’m a columnist

druidess_in_training: ok…hi

woohaa2k1: lol, hi

woohaa2k1: so before I start, what are you: a witch or Druid?

druidess_in_training: druid

woohaa2k1: ok, I gathered so from the name, but people use the name superstud18 when they are fat and 40, so I have to be careful

druidess_in_training: lol..understandable

woohaa2k1: How long have you been involved with being a Druidess?

druidess_in_training: 11 years

woohaa2k1: awesome, so why did you go down this route?

druidess_in_training: because it made sense to me…wicca didn’t make much sense

woohaa2k1: Yeah, those Wiccans are a little nuts.

druidess_in_training: a little nuts?!

woohaa2k1: so what do you do for a living?

druidess_in_training: i’m a home mom….basically the goddess of the abode

woohaa2k1: well, I think we all like goddesses

druidess_in_training: lol

woohaa2k1: so what do you have to do or read to be a Druid?

druidess_in_training: study study study…meditate meditate meditate….work work work…and then study some

druidess_in_training: not the easiest path I assure you

woohaa2k1: so what is the result, what does being a druid mean? What does one do as a Druid?

druidess_in_training: druids protect and study Mother Earth…we are seen as the guardians, the song singers, the keepers of tales, the bookkeepers, among other things

woohaa2k1: so you probably do a lot of environmental activism

druidess_in_training: i would if i had the money…lol

druidess_in_training: i did chain myself to the tree outside my door when the city tried to come and hack it down though

woohaa2k1: amen, log all you want out in the forest but leave me oak alone.

druidess_in_training: well..the tree in front of my apt. isn’t an oak…but it’s still pretty and it likes me

woohaa2k1: well, mine is oak and I will sic Capt. Planet and the Planeteers on anyone who tries to take it

druidess_in_training: don’t blame you

woohaa2k1: so�you for the Kyoto Protocol?

druidess_in_training: Kyoto protocol? sorry..don’t watch TV much. What is this kyoto protocol thingy?

woohaa2k1: Ohh, it’s a U.N. resolution limiting green house emissions. It limits the United States while the third world countries continue to pollute.

druidess_in_training: hmmmm..that doesn’t make sense…if one nation should be forbidden to pollute everyone should

druidess_in_training: course i don’t like the pollution anyways

woohaa2k1: well, the theory is the U.S. is the biggest polluter

woohaa2k1: which isn’t true, but still

druidess_in_training: so….if the us stops polluting…then everyone else will be the biggest polluters…so they all should stop

woohaa2k1: well, the U.S. is the cleanest country

woohaa2k1: we are careful with our pollution

druidess_in_training: true…but in my opinion there shouldn’t be any pollution

woohaa2k1: well, there is no way around it. Besides, volcanoes pollute more than any factory can

druidess_in_training: this is also true…but that is Mother’s work…she would only do that if it needed to be done

druidess_in_training: to create a change

woohaa2k1: very true, but I believe our mother knows how to take care of herself

woohaa2k1: like the hole in the o-zone

woohaa2k1: the hole isn’t there

druidess_in_training: this is also true…she heals herself…when we let her

woohaa2k1: I think she heals herself no matter what

druidess_in_training: yes…but she would heal herself faster if we just let her do her work…of course that is why people like me are around…lol

woohaa2k1: very true

woohaa2k1: good luck, may mother Earth bless your garden.

druidess_in_training: awwwww ty so much

woohaa2k1: thanks for your time

druidess_in_training: anytime dear

I am Steven Adams saying the power is yours.

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