whoa nelly, i never thought that i’d get so much email

thank you good people for your nice comments and emails. i even got a basket of fruit at my desk today from the interns in the mail room.

so many emails, so many questions, which i will answer here.

why so much nudity on your site?

to piss you off.

did the doctor give you any drugs for your carpal tunnel?

just aspirin and some pills so that the aspirin wont hurt my tummy. but if you snort em and chase em with beers you see stars for a few seconds.

did you get any while you were out?

no, and im disappointed. everyone knows that flowers cheers up the soul.

how much of your blog is real?

all of it.

did you really meet meesh? she didn’t mention meeting you.

no, i made that up. shes far too cool to hang out with me.

was there really a big glass table of coke and meesh kissing two girls while you watched? why didn’t you join in?

yes there was, yes they were. i didn’t join in because i wasn’t invited. plus i think they did it so that i would watch.

what’s millie jackson like?

shes like, as simone said, lil kim if she was a better singer from the ’70s. i Highly recommend it. especially as the night is speeding past you and the hot babes are making awesome conversations.

do you eat cereal? if so which ones?

i like the specialty cereals. like the Simpson’s cereals. like Homer’s Donuts… im also eating the Star Wars cereal and the new Cap’n Crunch chocolate weirdo cereal. i love them all.

when will baseball go on strike?

they will go on strike 9/15 which is ok for fantasy baseball. but lousy for real baseball. it sucks. i hope they all had stock in WorldCom, i hope they all slip in the shower. i hope they all get carpal tunnel. i hope they get dissed by hot girls in jean skirts who slam the back door after telling them to fuck off. i hope they get the runs and have no tp.

did you see moxie‘s nudie picture?

yes. i think she looked hot. i cant wait for the next one.

what new cds came out yesterday so that i can buy them from you and stoke you?

nothing really good came out unless you love Boyz II Men. maybe you should just paypal me $20 if you feel like going nuts.

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