football is back

and the bears are starting where they left off. ruling.

super sweet come from behind win over the mighty vikes who are way better than you’d think, but it didnt matter. da bears caught em napping with help from my man marty booker, the a train and that monster of the midway defense.

im a dork when it comes to football.

ashley is putting gel in her hair calling her dad and now her roommate.

i dont know whats going on with her, you probably shouldnt even ask.

my satelite dish isnt working too well so i moved this huge palm tree thats in its way. my sexy neighbor just looked at where it one stood with disapproving eyes.


soon im gonna have to ask the gay guy upstairs if i can get his roof access and put the dish up there.

this is what you get when you want to find out the truth about me. told ya, its not so sexy.

tonight im gonna take ashley back to poquito mas which is a burrito place that drew barrymore eats at all the time. then we’re gonna go see My Big Ass Greek Wedding cuz everyone likes it and i bet that it’ll be good.

had a great time yesterday at Greg and Molli’s baby shower.

normally im not a big fan of baby showers but all of our friends were there and our friends are way different than what you’d normally run in to at your typical baby shower.

there were three different types of pallello. is that how you spell it? no. im sure.

one was veggie, one was chicken, one was seafood.

then bassart made all this garlic shrimp. then there were meat and chese plates and lots of french bread. not to mention all the wine and beer and mexican wine, whatever that is, with the pulp in it.

all the girls looked great. we were all saying that we really are a clan of lost boys cuz none of us look our age. and all the girls looked super hot. then there was cake. then there were gifts then ken and matt sang a song about molli and greg that was sooooo funny you wouldnt even believe it. then greg sang a bluegrass song that was super funny. then molli and greg sang and it was sweet. then rick royale sang with jeanine. then matt. man, it was fun.

then kim lifted the hot tub cover and all the girls broke out the bikinis and there were like 5 hot chicks in the hot tub and they all had bikinis and none of the boys were going in there and the skies of hollywood were clear and the stars twinkled down upon us and chris drove me home stopping off at Zankau chicken and we watched a rerun of SNL and drifted off to sleep.