hi. im about to fly away to a sandy oasis.

i finally put up a new interview. this is one of a canadian girl. she was pretty cool. maybe we will chat again.

im watching the angels make a spectacular comeback.

chris is coming to pick me up and take me away.

my mom is now saying that i cannot use any computers on the road.

lefty tony seems to think that he can update this while im gone, but im not so sure. so if this is all you see then so be it.

the skinny girl might want your attention. shes doing better. so that makes me happy.

thanks to all the people who stoked me by flowing the bus blog last month. thanks to my brother in law for the first class upgrades.

no thanks to best buy who didnt fix my camera on time.

i guess i’ll just have to write long hand and read trashy novels and relax and drink and sleep and eat.

i will come back, but dont call it a comeback.



hollywood is a town just like yours

im sure theres a kid in your town who likes to try to be weird, and might be in a pretty great band and is doesnt suck at art and has some hot girlfriends. thats not all that suprising.

our freaky boy is marilyn manson who lives on the same block as karisa in hollywood. his band is pretty damn great, his girlfriend is a nude model, and his new art show titled “The Golden Age of Grotesque” went on display yesterday at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, 6522 Hollywood Boulevard, admission is free.

they recommend a donation of three dollars, but i recommend they up it to $6.66. call it art!

marilyn manson is one of my favorite people in the world.

some people say that he’s just a poseur, that it’s all a big act. when i saw him he elevated from below the stage tied to a flaming upside down crucifix and he later ripped pages out of the bible and threw them to the crowd.

kidding or not, the boy’s going to hell and he’s not doing it quietly.

if i make it to heaven, i would like to be on the st. peter’s advisory committe, the board that helps influence the grace of God.

i would argue in favor of marilyn manson’s ascension to heaven. i would argue that of that crowd of 18,000 at the forum that night, he would be in the small minority who had even held a bible that month. and by challenging the symbols of Christianity, he is helping to validate it as something, indeed, powerful and interesting. worthy of attention.

marilyn manson sleeps with some of the hottest women in the wold and he’s singing about jesus? doesnt the bible teach against the distractions of the flesh?

isnt that what he’s symbolizing when he slashes at his stomach and chest, all iggy-like?

perhaps marilyn manson was simply the embodiement of the devil’s advocate.

or you know what, angels, maybe he was just a goth kid who had a little style. he was given some money to really go for it, and a band who could seriously rock.

even when he twisted his ankle that night at the forum due to his high heels, and the show was prematurely canceled, and a riot nearly broke out, marilyn manson has never disappointed me.

the 25 minutes he did onstage was theatric, heavy, agressive, and slick. he kicked monster magnet’s ass, which was tough because monster magnet totally kicked ass. and he beat hole’s ass, which also was tough because courtney turned it up a notch since it was LA and she wanted to show off for her friends.

but manson lives in LA too and rocked the house. and when the plug was pulled to quick the kids were pumped up for they had been waiting for something like that for a while. and to be honest it was one of the first times where i ever felt why they say, “keep the audience wanting more.” cuz it was pretty nice wanting more. the imagination went wild. i put on those records again and i saw more in them. it was great.

next time manson plays where you live, i hope he twists his ankle for you too.

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions is located at 6522 Hollywood Boulevard, east of Highland and west of Cahuenga. The cross street is Wilcox. Parking is available for $4.50 in the lot behind the building, accessible from Wilcox. There is also ample metered street parking available. They are near the 101 freeway and the Metro Red Line�s Hollywood/Vine station. The galleries are wheelchair accessible. Admission to the gallery is free with a recommended donation of $3.00 ($2.00 students, members free). Gallery hours are Wednesdays through Saturdays 12:00-6:00 p.m. (323) 957-1777