people will call you the strangest names, sometimes i wonder if they even think about what theyre typing.

elitism would suggest that i would think of myself better than others. and only mingle with a select group. take one look at my friends and you will see that i hang out with a wide variety of saints and sinners, obviously having no standard whatsoever in chosing friends other than in their ability to hold their liquor and be wonderful.

plus i just spent a month in hell where i admited i belonged.


i look down my nose at such a slur.

from the back seat of the #21 ucla metro bus as it bounces through koreatown, where all us elitists congregate.

how can a man who writes so incessantly about himself continue to be so misunderstood?

because i dont kiss the ass of each and every person who crosses my path?

ive kissed the asses of some and it came back to bite me in the ass.

elitist. hardly.

how can one be elitist when he is nothing but a common panhandler with nothing but a colorful sign that says little more than gimme.

speaking of which, those of you who would like to give more or less than $10 all you have to do is click the picture in this post of my girl donna f. from the donnas.

yes i like girls.

no im not ashamed.

and i freaking love the donnas.

and i freaking love all of you.

even the stinky ones.

(but not the super stinky ones who tell me to fuck off in the aol chat as if i was the bitch ass and not vous)

thank you to these nice people who flowed to the busblog:

4. kim t.

5. matthew

6. orion

7. matt m.

8. timothy

9. lane

and this chick better start writing on her thing or i will be pissed

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