can i tell you anything?

how on earth can i tell you anything? id like to tell you anything.

let me tell you this. i was having a shitty night. then i came home and a bunch of people had given me money.

thank you people who gave me money.

10. krix

11. brett lamb

12. eric n.

13. brian

you have no idea how happy it all made me.

this is the biggest win win game i could think of. i win because you are getting me a new ride. and i win because each flowage boosts my spirits that much higher.

big difference between hell and earth is that in hell when things become shitty you sorta expect it so it’s not all that bad. plus everyone around you is getting it really bad too.

meanwhile on earth, if something bad happens to you its fucked up because no one else seems to be suffering, plus, here we all think things should be peachy every damn second.

even though nothing has ever been peachy every damn second.

you guys have known for a long time that i never liked being an xbi agent. i still dont.

even though chopper one is flying better than ever, tonight i walked home and thought i was about to cry.

then i thought about how the only job i could get right away would probably be teaching.

then i thought how i would be a rotten teacher.

but, if you listen to my bosses, im pretty fucking rotten at all my other gigs, so who cares if i influence the youth of america in the wrong way?

if i were to teach, youre going to laugh, but the class that i would love to teach the most is the Bible as Literature.

did i tell you that one of my new years resolutions is to read the Bible every day?

it is, and ive done it.

i love the Bible.

im so fucked.

so anyway, chopper one cant really talk or think, but it can, and it does, and it said, quit if you want to but only pussy ass bitches would quit right now.

ive influenced a half billion dollar machine.


if i could tell you anything right now it would be im totally disatisfied

confused pissed bitter scared sad angry horrified

anxious aching worrisome hungry

and ready for the worst.

i gotta quench you cant thirst.

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