fun with old emails

today we will start a new feature where we dig through old emails sent to me, take them out of context, slightly, get rid of the beginnings and ends, and put them next to a picture of a wild animal.

oh, and not mention who they were from.

consider this project #1, specially processed for your sweet asses

Dear Tony,

You know what might help is those paraffin wax dips. Like at a manicurists.

Bet that would feel good.

Speaking of Bukkake, did you read today, I was aghast, good stuff

So u going to write full time??!

Maybe you need more rest, or get your girl to type for you.

I’d do it for you

if I was your girl.

And I’d make sure you spelt all the words right too.

Cause I’m just that kind of girl

Arrrgh, tomorrow is QOTSA (I think it’s at Palladium?)! But you have to come by with Karisa after the gallery opening.

Whereabouts is it?

The Argyle is on Sunset.

Traffic is off the hook! Biggest day so far! 400 between noon yesterday and

today.! Fuck me!

Saturday we are going to see Puppetry of the Penis at the Coronet. You have

to check out their website. Looks hilarious!

No! You rule!

I just posted a pic

Tell me quick if I should take it down

I think it’s funny

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