happy superbowl wednesday

i have watched a lot of football this year and it is my belief that the raiders will beat the buccaneers by at least 20 points.

one reason is because the Raiders dont lose Super Bowls.

another reason is because in Super Bowls you really have to hand it to the veterans, especially the vets in key positions like QB and WR.

another reason is because i will be rooting very hard for the Raiders and ive been doing pretty good rooting for them over the last few years.

another reason is cuz im very confident about pretty much everything right now after coming back from Hell and being able to see into the future, if only for a very short period of time.

for example, i see myself having a very tasty lunch today with a pretty girl.

speaking of pretty girls, one thing i have noticed about them is that theyre just as unreliable as ugly girls. the lie that they teach you in school is that ugly girls or fat girls will be easier to deal with than a pretty girl, but it’s so not true. everyone is crazy.

im crazy too.

i need to ask this one chick out who walks her dog over by my house.

shes so damn cute.

everyday i just watch her walk that little bullshit dog and i dont do anything.

so bogus.

my friends had a dream and just made it come true.


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