i couldnt be a fashion designer

all i would end up with would be plaid skirts, leather pants, cheerleader sweaters, and go go boots.

nobody wants a line like that.

the academy sent over adaptation last night. i didnt have anyone to watch it with which was actually good because i was working on the website for my attorney. i watched it once and didnt really like it but i thought that was maybe because i was working as i was watching it. so then after i was done working i watched it again and still i didnt like it.

a movie about writing a movie is sorta lame. sorry. and did anything really happen? was anything resolved? i get it that thats what the screenwriter was talking about but, wtf, spike?

there were about two spike jonez moments in the whole film if you dont count the excellent trick photography during the scenes where nick cage plays his twin brother, but so what?

am i to believe that women would fall for a guy just because he’s a good writer? that it doesnt matter if he’s fat and balding and unattractive and lives with his brother? does charlie kaufman really want me to think that gorgeous women in hollywood really just want a man who’s smart and funny and positive and knows how to tell a good story?

like that would ever happen in a million years.

and then theres meryl streep, am i supposed to believe that she would fall for a toothless hick just because he gets obsessive about things?

who the fuck is writing this movie? this is no movie, it’s a nerd’s wet dream, but it’s not even that, it’s the story of a nerd writing about writing about a nerd’s wet dream. bullshit i say. bull fucking shit.

i want spike jonez to do better, please.

youre the best director out there. dont waste nick cage and meryl streep like that with that bullshit script.

i dont care that all of hollywood is falling all over themselves to get to charlie kaufman. a few years ago everyone was trying to get to arsenio.

plus the characters were all flat.

plus you cant have gurus in good stories. especially gurus who accept an invite to a fucking bar and help the protaganist over a brew and does such a wonderful job guruing that he gets a hug and changes the poor schmuck’s life. fuck that. it’s too easy. and it’s completely unrealistic outside of in bad books and movies.

in the wee hours after i watched the movie for a second time i popped in grand theft auto and ran over a bunch of people in my stolen cop car and went to bed forgetting that i hadnt locked my front door, but remembering that i got my first real life fan letter from a very interesting woman in new mexico who fancies herself a lithographer.

thank you for your letter and cool drawings!

and ashley im still waiting for my key


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