i know it’s tuesday and i shoulda started this monday

but not everything works on Earth time, and not everything has to start on Mondays or at the begining of the month.

so there.

hell makes you a little pissy sometimes. sorry. makes me a little pissy sometimes.

had this hot chick over the cave last night (not pictured). first she was late cuz she was hanging out with her exboyfriend, i was all thinking, fuck man!

thankfully i tivoed joe millionaire which is risky down here cuz it doesnt always work, or the power will go out, or some shit will happen. you never know. my advice, prepare for the worst.

so she comes over, she looks cute. i had a hard time cooling off my angry feelings, plus it’s hot as fuck down here all of a sudden, at like all the time. the wind is even hot. hot and gives you shivers. and its a wet heat. you sweat but it doesnt cool you. you sweat and it only makes you want a shower. but all they have here are golden showers. and those are hot. not sexy hot. 98.6 degrees hot.

i dont mind stinking. im not here to impress any one. what are the girls gonna do, write me off for eternity? there’ll be more.

we watch the tv show. its good. we both have to wake up early so we go to bed.

then we go to the chair.

then we go to the wall.

then we go to the ceiling.

then we go to sleep.

then at 530am her dumbass ex calls! wakes us up. i was all, wtf, woman!

but it’s hell and i suppose that i should just get used to this shit but its hard to. i dont want to get used to anything bad. but death, just like life, is all about making adjustments, i suppose. especially when it comes to expectations. and in a perfect world i would have expected that i would be the only soul in her world that morning, but i dont even know where my soul is any more.

all i know it’s hot here.

and i have a headache.

and if people dont start leaving comments im gonna get pissed off.


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