my girlfriend pamela anderson

me and my girlfriend drink tallboy cans of whatever and hold hands and make out on the way home from the movies in the shadows of doorways, and up against fences, upside a mailbox, next to the sea.

she says the best things. she likes diamond rings.

first time we met i was like holy mackeral.

first time i kissed her

i was like holy mackeral.

some things shouldnt be. and theres no way that i should have any of the things i have.

and you might not know this but i was a pretty fair skateboarder back in the day

you could have seen me nearly ever night skating next to the pacific on the rough streets of isla vista littered with dried out palm fronds, the skeletons of burnt couches, and shoes

not sober not awake not waving, drowsy,

and then suddenly downhill

i discovered that some of the best things about daily life

are the moments where it makes no sense

in a good way

and youre pulling it off.

so i hold my girlfriend’s hand a lot so i can remind myself

that it’s real

like anythings real.

midnight magica

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