dear president bush,

thank you but i must return your check for ten million dollars to write ads for your re-election campaign.

i have no problem attatching my good name to the work that i would do for you, but im afraid of what you’d do to this country and to the world if you were allowed four additional years to the four you stole.

you’ve started a vietnam in the deserts of iraq and within a year or two the concept of an involuntary draft will be as real as the concept of paying two twenty five a gallon for unleaded.

its shameful that you get to be called an american.

americans have courage and that doesnt mean the courage to continue to fuck up, but the courage to chill the fuck out and stand down ho and i know that you cant do one thing gracefully to save your soul but this one is cake.

you stand behind whatever mother they put in there and you bring everyone home but youre not gonna cuz youre addicted to that gooshy sticky stuff.

youve unified iraq in their hate for america, now let them vote for who hates us most and leave

like a bitch

ive never seen our flag take on so many different meanings than in the last four years and most of them sicken me.

how ironic the flag on the upper left corner of the life changing check that i am sending back to you.

plus its missing a zero and you never brought back twin peaks.

william hung + kitty bukkake + raymi the minx + the daily stern

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