problem is, she knows when its too late.

its one twenty five am and its too late. long legs. smooth. maybe a little too smooth. not a blemish, not a mark. he seriously thought to himself, she might be an android. then remembered that she had made that joke about putting on a strapon and effing him. so this is what they meant by anal probe.

her eyes were closed. he couldnt stop kissing her belly and telling her how good looking she looked. hed kiss and say, see, now thats good shit. search for a new target a few inches away and kiss and say, yep.

the white stipes were on in the living room speakers. something about jolene jolene jolene jo-lene…

but neither of them noticed. jesus candle blowing from the open sliding glass door which should be closed he thought cuz shes sorta loud and went back to not thinking and aiming at better parts and slowly moving down to the perfect perfect skin perfect from years of soaking in a tub waiting for a good man but tonight she settled again.

this shit is worth something he told her, seemingly genuine for once, but completely inappropriate considering the situation. she smiled. had to.

kissed over there and said fifty cents right there.

kissed over here and said probably about a good fourty cents depending on the supply and

kissed the neck and said buck, buck fiddy.

closer to the ear, two bucks.

ear, twenty

ears arent cheap

kissed around the hair line, inhaled deeply



kissed her forehead




kissed her nose

and then top smiling lip

twelve fiddy





three hundred

three hundred

three hundred


amy + sutter + noah

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