so me and karisa made it to the game

with about three minutes left to go before halftime.

it was an adventure riding the subway on a sunday because even thought the metro gets a million dollars a day in tax revenues they refuse to believe that people actually ride on the weekends, but they do. she and i were, at least.

the seats were great. everyone was there, including affleck (pictured, dork.)

i used to have a belief in isla vista that if i was at a party that marc brown was at, then i was probably at the cool spot to be at.

in LA i get nervous if im ever at the same place that affleck is at because its instantly not cool if he’s there. for example, somehow it was more cool to be rubbing up against j.lo’s side when puffy was doing it, but not when ben ben was.

didnt matter, lakers won by 21 and i got to hang with my pal karisa alone for a few hours on a gorgeous day in LA, which is rare. we barely kick it on the weekends. god only knows why.

so clipper girls cousin called while we were coming home and she was all, what are you doing when you get home. and i said just drinking with karisa.

and she was all, how long do you think you’ll be doing that for.

and i was all, maybe an hour.

she was like, i was thinking about coming over

i was like, i like how you think.

she was like, i want to bring my roommate and we can hang out.

and i was like, uh

she was like, dont get any dirty thoughts, its not going to be like that.

and i wanted to be like, we have the best thing going, we watch a little tv and drink some shots and make out and get it on and spend the night, why would you want to ruin that good thing.

but instead i said, are you guys going to be coming over in seperate cars

and she laughed

and i said are you trying to bring us into the world of exhibitionism?

and she laughed even harder

like i was the crazy one.

i havent had sex in like 27 hours. im not the crazy one to want some

am i?

anyways, two super hot girls are coming over to my house and im pissed off about it.

only in my world.

freeway slowdance + glowstick + mouthy

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