was up till 430am last night writing that salman rushdie thing.

i dont know what it is about my body but if we’re up writing all night it doesnt need any sleep, really, to revitalize. but if we’re drinking then we’re fucked.

i knew i wasnt going to get that many comments and i knew instapundy wouldnt bite. he sorta did but not really. not in a cool way. not in a smart way. just in a dumb boring way.

when i was younger i had heroes and idols. i had people who i thought did it right or knew something that i didnt. i was wrong. for a while i thought teachers knew something and you should respect them for even being there, but nine out of ten times i was wrong there too.

and then there were the bosses, vice presidents, and so ons who i respected in the workplace who i always gave the benefit of the doubt to, but alas, it turned out that they were fuckups like the rest of us, not particularilly perfect for the situation at hand any moreso than we were in our little world of shit.

its when i write something like “the president’s uncle just got busted for making it easy for the saudis to fund 9/11” that i realize how many courageousless conservatives i have who read my shit. and i realise that its not always in your best interest to insult your core audience but i’ll tell you whats truly not in our best interest and thats to let anyone, dem or repub be allowed number one to have access to 95% of all the banking done by the the embassies in washington dc, number two, allow the ceo of a major division of that bank to be the brother of a former president and the uncle of the sitting one, and number three play partisan games when it is something directly related to the greatest tragedy on american soil since the civil war.

but you motherfuckers dont give a fuck.

you think this is all a huge college football game.

go blue!

this shit has never been a huge college football game where you root for who your daddy rooted for because his daddy rooted for them.

this shit, if you havent “logged on” to the internet is some serious stuff, which in act one involved huge buildings (and the pentagon) being smashed into with suicide civilian airplanes; in act two bodies were being dragged through a bombed out town, prisoners were getting things shoved in their asses, psychosexual mind games were being levvied on those who we volunteered to “help, and the curtain fell with a surprise beheading.

its not like any college football game that ive ever seen. its actually like Nothing ive ever seen. and whats particularilly interesting is that even though the quarterback continues to fumble the snap theres no sign at all of him being pulled from the game even though his fuckups are costing the team one billion points a day.

but the sportswriters keep typing go blue go blue and not wtf wtf

which in reality you would never see in sportswriting, which is why its the purist of all disciplines of journalism.

political writers have an agenda, and the courageous ones are honest about it. and the way that they analyze the political day is generally to reinforce their personal beliefs. and as long as theyre honest about it, alls fine.

entertainment writers are constantly fighting to appear cutting edge, intelligent, and right. theres not a serious established entertainment writer who would give bob dylan or paul mccartney a scathing negative review, and it would be rare to see the young writer gush over the two icons. it’s predictable and useless.

sports writers are encouraged to bash the home team. theyre expected to knock the leadership and monday morning quarterback the speech given the day before by the head coach. my kingdom for a quote from drudge ever writing that bush fucked up on any speech or any big program ever.

yet the sports writer will turn his back on a pete rose, a sports writer will crack jokes about a mike tyson, and a sports writer will come right out and say shaq’s crappy free throws are killing the lakers.

but good luck trying to get a conservative to write that bush has no clue how to turn around this economy, has no clue how to get us out of this war, and has no clue how to stop this neverending trainwreck.

because they are under the delusional belief that their sorry excuse for writing

could acutally hurt

the home team.

and this idiocy is tripled when you’re talking about a blogger.

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