why spelling doesnt matter.

by tony pierce.

met a girl at work today who’s pretty hot. shit, theyre all hot at work. fucked up and read my review again today. weird how in the heat of the moment you’re skimming so much the words jump at you and the details get lost. on one hand it was a worse review than i thought but on the other hand it was better because so much is completely wrong and unprovable. and the rest is totally provable. why do i care? why do i stay? am i really staying for the chicks? god i hope not.

last night somehow miss montreal became more beautiful than ever. maybe it was cuz i mixed her a marguerita and chilled out. my negative vibes affected her in a terrible way and for the first time, maybe ever, we didnt bone, and i was invited more than once. i know, gay. maybe tomorrow she’ll let me make it up to her. writing isnt what i do best.

but today, its all we’ve got.

so lets rock.

sammy is hurt, kerry is hurt, everyone is hurt. im coughing for no good reason. im not sick. i havent been sick in years. i think its the pollen. i think its the stress. i think its the pressure.

people talk a lot of shit and youd think at some point i would be prepared for it. youd think by aging you get used to it. but weirdly i dont get used to it. maybe because its the longer that i live the more cool people i meet, and therefore the not-so-cool people stick out more, and you think… sorry I think “why cant you be cool like this one?”

when i was younger i thought that once i grew up there would be two things that i would do more. i thought i would go to church three times a week. and i thought that i would go sit at my neighborhood bar every day after work. i do neither of these things.

good part is, i get laid far more than i ever expected. even more than i thought i would 5 years ago. im not sure why thats happening other than murphys law. im also happier being alone than i ever thought. bizzare.

i know a lot of younger kids read this. im sorry that i always forget about you. im sorry that i dont tell you the lessons from the other side. so heres one: rock out with your cock out till youre 30. then worry about wife career car baby lifeinsurance bullshit. then rock out for 5 more years.

if you vote republican before youre 35 youre a loser and a tool. remember that. vote green at least once on every trip to the voting booth. i dont care for what. president if you have to, but if you dont do it youre a sellout and a fool and borderline unamerican.

but always remember that if i stop loving you, Jesus never will.

so read the Bible, give to the poor, and quit driving beemers.

your pal,


miceland + flagrant + gorilla mask

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