yes i know my blog has been down.

i blame the government.

i also blame the government for the shoddy play that my Cubbies put me through last night at Chavez Ravine.

the only cure is joining me in welcoming your favorite band and mine TSAR in their triumphant return to Spaceland, where they will be playing to-nite at 9PM Sharp.

friends, theres only one way to rock and Tsar knows the way. they are the truth the whey and the light.

I heard them on Indie 103.1 FM last week and i nearly cried. I danced around my house in my underwear like the dude from risky business and when it was over i got on my knees and thanked the Lord Almighty.

I thanked Fate I thanked Destiny but most importantly I thanked chuckberryjanesaddictiontrexthepoohsticksteenagefanclubledzeppelinandislavista.

but i should have just called 1-877-4LA-1031 and thanked the damn dj for making my day.

or i should have emailed

they played the title cut from the band’s second album “Band Girls Money” which will be in stores soon.

come have a beer with me tonight at spaceland in silverlake. there might be other bands there but none like Tsar.

there might be other music but none as easy on the heart and as mighty and loving as those penned by whalen-kern-solomon-coulter

the four bad brothers you know so well.

call the request line

email the email line

rock the live show

by beer for your bro.

in other news, Iggy Pop and his girlfriend (pictured) asked me to go back to Haloscan Comments until Blogger buffs out the rough spots of their comments and you know how we are with Iggy… anything he says, goes.

so rock me up with comments all you want.

and make sure to say nice things.

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