i love america.

i think sometimes people dont think that i do but i do. i love america not just because of the topless beaches, but also because of the autobahn and the sushi.

i love the “coffee” houses, the free universal health care, and the quality of public schools.

i love all the titties on tv, the rational defense of the second amendment, and the liberal use of the first cuz i love to hear the word fuck on my tv.

we were driving west down wilshire. top down. dmx up. what these bitches want from a nigga. that one.

since im black i can sing along to the sweet jam.

because clipper girls cousin is not black, she cannot sing along to it.

she protested but i told her to keep her eye on the road.

im looking forward to seeing the trio special, “the n word“, because i want to find out how long it takes them to get to the simple rule

black people can say it.

nobody else can.


it baffles me that bill cosby gets his suspenders in a bunch when african americans make the language their own: continually twisting meanings, constantly adding new slang to the vocabulary, pushing language not being ig’nant to it.

it baffles me because i know how much bill cosby loves jazz, which does exactly the same thing to music.

and at the root of the defiance to the kings english is the n word and how african americans use it in speech.

and at the root of moving the language right now is the world of hip hop

and the best at rapping about it, as far as im concerned, is the deep voiced gritty pissed off new yorker dmx who i hope to see in the special.

i love america because i love black people.

and black people’s best work next to the pyramids

has been america.

and if clipper girls cousin said that to my face id slap the ho.

that ashley girl + defamer + america is not the world