the president of the united states

met with the Urban League today and asked these questions of the Blacks in attendence.

I will provide my answers.

Q. Does the Democrat party take African American voters for granted?

A. Everyone takes African-American voters for granted. But I would say the Republicans give up on the Black vote, wisely, while the Dems rely on them, unwisely.

Q. Is it a good thing for the African American community to be represented mainly by one political party?

A. It’s a good thing if they’re actually being represented, which they aren’t by either party. The question is, is it a good thing that the rich are being represented mainly by one political party? What about the Pro-Lifers? Shouldn’t everyone have a choice?

Q. How is it possible to gain political leverage if the party is never forced to compete?

A. Dude, we barely were even recognized by the government 40 years ago. The way for a group to gain political leverage is by actually showing up to vote, and/or by contributing millions and millions. Or by rioting. Currently there is a competition for the Black vote, it is between the Democratic party and Apathy. Currently Apathy is winning. And quit acting so defensive.

Q. Have the traditional solutions of the Democrat party truly served the African American community?

A. If by you mean traditional solutions you mean job programs, social programs, inclusion in the party, actually listening to the black “community”, then yes, things are better for Blacks when Democrats have their way in office.

Q. Does blocking the faith-based initiative help neighborhoods where the only social service provider could be a church?

A. At the root of most black neighborhoods are churches, which in many cases have been the only (and the best) social service provider. So yes, if the government wants to start funding the church, Blacks would benefit greatly. However, the KKK also considers itself a Christian organization. Wouldnt they deserve the same funding? What about the mosque that the terrorists set up in San Diego? Would they get government dollars too? Theres a reason that church and state should be seperate. This is one of them.

Q. Does the status quo in education really, really help the children of this country?

A. Nope. But neither does cutting Financial Aid, and raising tuitions. But thats what you helped spearhead. What would have helped the children of this country is if you had used the money that you spent liberating the Iraqi people and educated the American children. You were spending a billion a day on that war. A few billion would definately get the school system in the US on a better track.

Q. Does class warfare — has class warfare or higher taxes ever created decent jobs in the inner city?

A. Sometimes you have to tax people, Mr. President. When the nation is trillions in debt, the biggest debt ever, you either have to stop spending on things like the military, the war on drugs, or corporate welfare, or raise taxes.

As for jobs, has encouraging corporations to outsource American jobs overseas ever created decent jobs in the inner city?

Q. Are you satisfied with the same answers on crime, excuses for drugs and blindness to the problem of the family?

A. Not at all. Since a disproportionate amount of minorites are in American prisons because of non-violent drug-related crimes, and since you mr. president, a former cokehead, have proven (along with your pal Rush) that recreational drug use – and even abuse – doesn’t necesarrily lead to a life on welfare.

Therefore why do you still spout the same excuses for the war on drugs that does nothing but break up the american family when you put men and women in jail for wanting to get high? We let americans drink and fall in love, two things that bring about the same highs and lows as marijuana and cocaine. We let them smoke tobbacco which kills them much faster than any drug.

And finally the blindness of the problem of the family is that we encourage the wrong people to get married and the right people from getting married. By “we”, of course I mean you.

If you’re seriously interested in preserving the institution of marriage, stop letting Britney Spears get married in Vegas. Quit letting J.Lo get married. Quit letting kids get married. Tax divorce up the wazzoo. Tax weddings even higher. Make people take tests on how much they know each other. Have a jury of their peers decide who should get hitched.

Best thing you could do for minorities is cut the cost of higher eduction, infuse the “inner-cities” with programs and jobs and bullheadedness and the same enthusiasm that you demonstrated in iraq, and legalize marijuana and cocaine.

If you legalized pot alone, and put all the tax monies into the social programs and education in the poorest american cities, this country would change for the better, and the jails would be less full of men and women who didnt belong there in the first place.

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