im seeing modest mouse tonight

with miss montreal. she wants to go with her work friends and not with me. im all, you see your work friends every damn day AT WORK! shes all, you dont understand.

i dont understand.

i think the gay guys have it all figured out with their glory holes and their wife beater tshirts and their convertible vws.

and they always have great hair.


now miss montreal is trying to break our date.

fine. i wanted to see sonic youth anyway.

what i will do is sell my FLOOR tickets and let her sit up in the smelly balcony which is guaranteed to be balmy and sticky in the old wiltern, turn a handsome profit and take my black ass over to the henry fonda and rock out, alone, to the dulcet sounds of sonic youth

who have added a third guitarist.

for no good reason.

and who still have the best drummer in rock now that tsar have split ways with theirs.

tsar, of course, who are playing tonight on LAs only real college alternative station, KXLU 88.9 FM at 11pm

tsar, of course, who are playing tomorrow night as part of Pop Overthrow at 10ish at Spaceland in Silverlake with their new drummer whose name escapes me.

my phone wont stop ringing, america.

and its not you calling to tell me its gonna be ok.

i know its gonna be ok.

i just want it to be ok while i can enjoy it.

whats the use of it being ok when im in my Rascal, when i cant do much except take my cane and lift up the skirt of the queen of england.

im already old, but i have some life in me, and i want to rock it.

sonic youth style crazed and wild and different every time.

today danielle and i went to the grocery store. its a supermarket chain called Ralph’s.

because this is LA, in the fish department, they have a lady who will make sushi for you fresh right there.

danielle is super high maintenence which makes you think that she would squish her nose at supermarket sushi but nope she loves it.

still the gayboys have it all figured out and i dont know shit about anything.

sk smiff + nsfw bukkake + seven inches of sense