why the republicans have to release bin ladin now

by tony pierce, 110

everyone knows the republicans have been holding osama bin ladin in the basement of the alamo for the last year.

why else would they not be panicking right now?

the republicans could knock out the democrats if they win this presidential election this year.

george w. bush, like him or not, has dodged bullet after bullet from stealing the election, to not being even partially blamed for 9/11 despite getting a memo about bin ladin’s threat to the country in 8/11, to the trillion dollar deficit, to the two hundred billion war on iraq, to the failed attack on gay marriages, to missing military records

and he is in a virtual deadlock with a vietnam vet with three purple hearts

who everyone admits is smarter

who everyone knows isnt in bed with the saudis

of whom 15 of the 19 of the 9/11 terrorists called home

including osama

who better get out of that basement soon

because if george w bush can figure out a way to win

despite all of his baggage and failure as a president

just like how he failed as a governor and a businessman

despite michael moore’s box office miracle

the finest smear

ive ever seen.

if george w. bush can do what hasnt been done in 16 years

a republican getting more votes than a democrat for president

it will utterly crush the democrats

as it should

because they will never find an easier candidate to beat.

that war? did we win that war? cuz if we won it, where was the parade?

so im guessing we didnt win that war.

the one against the country that didnt have any serious weapons.

if the people of the usa say we’re gonna vote for that dude

who lost to the country who didnt have any serious weapons

instead of the vietnam war hero

then it’s lights out for the dems.

who better have a wicked pissah convention this week

cuz the republicans are going to “find” osama bin ladin

cuz they pretty much have to.

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