i took over 800 pictures yesterday

at the sunset junction street and art fair, my favorite gathering of the year.

its located about ten steps from my front door and yet on saturday i sorta milled around and contemplated entrance and then chose to go home and have phone sex with a college girl instead.

what are you wearing, she asked.

flippers and a snorkling mask, i said all sexy-like.

anything else? she giggled.

a diamond pinky ring, tommy pajama bottoms, and a dirty smile.

juilette lewis very well could have been the nasty talking girl on the other end of the line the other night.

she and her band the Licks took the stage on sunset blvd sunday and made sure the sabbath was kept holy.

it was full throttle punk rock. the kind that pj harvey and that chick from the yeah yeah yeahs have been trying to bring back.

big. yeller. different.

she dressed great, she sang great. the songs were unique and raw and emotional and rocking.

she blew everyones minds who were just there to see the movie actress make a fool of her self. but it was we who were made the fools of for we were the fakers the hipsters, we were the ones who money could buy. not her.

she crawled around the ground but not for show. cuz she was horny. she licked at the guitar players guitar not to tip the hat of david lee roth but because she should have licked that guitar.

she bent her back and stuck her ass out cuz she has a nice ass and a curvy back.

she danced around and whipped her hair with her arms out like the polyphonic spree on speed cuz it was a weekend in hollywood and we were alive but she was fucking on fire.

made me forget all about the fact that the night before karisa was partying with the donnas blocks away from the xbi and she was too drunk to call me even though my number is the easiest in the book.

tonight i will put up a photo essay.

now i will get an angus burger and pick up some pornography that the phone sexer sent me via federal express.

im on vacation and the days melt like chocolate.

kitty bukkake was there + as was mc brown + licks mp3s are here

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