today blogger turns 5 years old.

happy birthday baby.

i started blogging almost exactly three years ago.

i had what i thought was a great website, but nobody was reading it.

alot of the more interesting pages that i was seeing on the web were blogs written by cam girls like nay, chelle, mindy, and frosty.

even though i had way more happening on my web page, unless i had a blog that sorta looked like a blog, i wasnt going to be taken seriously. it was weird and i didnt want to start one.

my first blog post in july of 2001 was a thumbnail of what was on my main page, as were the next half dozen.

by august i still wasnt that into blogging. just write? how simple. what about design and technique and creativity and photography and photoshopary and big full screenery? who wants to just read words on a friggin page?

Thursday, August 02, 2001

i know i havent updated my blog recently.

i have a love/hate relationship with my blog.

except not a lot of love.

oh well.


Friday, August 03, 2001

hi blog. i still dont like you.

last night karisa danced with hef and his ten girlfriends.

she said he danced a lot. she was impressed.

tonight we’re going to the Cubs/Dodgers game.

kerry wood versus chan ho park.

i think we have front row tickets.

who would have thought after reading that lame start that i would not only like my blog, but love it? certainly not me.

but then a very strange thing happened in september of 2001.

hank the angry




it was then i knew that i had to take control of my own life. short as it was, life wasnt going to just roll with me, i had to roll with it, and if blogs were what the kids wanted to read, and if i wanted to get read, then a blog i needed.

since then its been nothing but money bitches and problemz.

my biggest problem is that i love my phone number and the phone wont stop ringing. a normal person would just change it but i refuse to give in to people i dont even know.

the other problem is all the email i get. damn you blogger!

and then of course there is the addiction. terrible addiction. like a bottomless pit of hawaiian punch with a perfectly cold ladle. every time you walk past that pit a deep sip from the ladle is irresistable.

since i started my blog, it’s true, i had a secret Open Diary blog. it was easy to be kept secret because Google didnt spider it. if i was Blogger i think it would be real nice to offer the No-Spider feature on “private” blogs.

some of my favorite bloggers continually write cryptically so as to avoid the all-too-accurate bots at Google, and how liberating the writing would get for those authors who have things to say but wont say it because of the nature of the beast.

over the years i have met lots of people because of blogger, i have found myself in ridiculously fun places because of blogger,

and its kept this brotha off the streets.

for those reasons i remain loyal. i know about the other software deals out there. some of my best friends use them. even the instapundit bailed after mooching free bandwidth from blogspot as he became famous.

but i have always believed that people give reward the wrong people when they jump ship for the newest sparkley thingamabob when the old thingamabob works just fine.

take it from me, a man who rides the bus in la

and then blogs about it.

happy birthday

my favorite web-based publishing solution of all time.

congrats ev, jason, jason, jason, eric, biz, kimmy, graham & steve

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