starring Bill O’Reilley, Walter Cronkite, and Rupert Murdock

produced and directed by Robert Greenwald

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last night we watched Outfoxed. the film about how Fox News is completely slanted to the right.

to be honest, i didnt have that much hope for it. i didnt think anyone could do a better political documentary than michael moore.

and i was all, so Fox is right wing, so what?

but after watching this i realize they might have a point that maybe they helped influence the presidential election of 2000. it is a strange coincidence that all the other network news shows flip flopped and named bush president after they named gore president.

i know this was brought up in F 9/11, but in Outfoxed, it rings truer.

i also liked how they exposed the Republican way of debating: don’t bother proving the other side wrong, just yell them down by calling anyone who disagrees with you unamerican, a threat to national security, or a wacko in hopes of getting the debate into a draw, and therefore a win for the right.

but the strongest part of the film is when it goes after Bill O’Reilly.

Using his own footage against him, they expose him for not only being a liar when he said that he only told one guest ever to shut up (turns out he has told many guests and likes to say “shut up” a lot), but for being intolerant of people who he can’t out-debate. A behavoir that spills over to other hosts of Fox News shows.

This was eye-opening to me because i don’t find myself watching Fox News too much. It’s all just a little hysterical and fake to me.

Sean Hannity went to UCSB when I was there. He wanted to have a conservative talk show on the alternative radio station that I was playing grunge and hip hop and metal on. I supported him. I thought we should have a conservative voice on the extremely college liberal station. Every dreadlocked pot smoking hippie had at least one tie-die that said “Diversity” on it.

And lots of us had that Censorship is UnAmerican poster or tshirt (that many said looked like me). So of course we shouldnt censor a different opinion than the rest of us on the radio. Especially if many on campus shared his views.

But alas, Sean was not allowed on the air for free and he settled for eventually working for Fox for millions.

Anyway, the reason I don’t watch Fox News is because Sean Hannity doesnt walk around wearing suits. O’Reilly doesnt sit around getting upset about Ludacris getting sponsorship deals with Pepsi. Bret Hume isnt a news anchor.

If I want fiction all i have to do is turn on HBO.

Which is far more entertaining than Fox.

my true love’s exboss produced outfoxed + his researchers have a blog

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