teenage fanclub is on my ipod

talking about what they do when theyre fucked up.

ive got groceries in the trunk, the cubs on the telly, and a bbq at welches house that i am fixin to attend.

just after i write and tell you that this ipod deal is pretty sweet, i must admit.

miss montreal has a honda element that has an AUX jack right there on the passenger’s dashboard. and under that jack is a little tray for things like your wallet, your camera, and an ipod.

a mini plug connects the music to the dashboard and the radio automatically goes into AUX mode.

pretty sweet.

last night we listened to tsar as we drove around venice.

i taped the kxlu show on a really bad vocal tape, then i digitized it. now i have to figure out how i can cut the half hour show into 7-8 mp3s and post them on here once a week.

i would also like to know how i can pause something in the middle of the track.

for example, lets say that someone emails me a four hour radio show.

lets say i park the car, turn off the ipod, go into the liquor store and come out… how do i resume where i left off?

the ipod just goes back to the begining of the track. so lame.

and how do i fast forward faster than just hitting the >> button?

there should be a >>> button somewheres.

or if you hold it down for a good while it should skip from ever :30 seconds to every five minutes. ive got three hours i have to skip through.

i realize that thats not the typical use of this lovely item, but at 40 gigs i would imagine people are going to have long things on their after a while.

barry bonds is up against kerry wood.

shit if i knew id be hanging with welch and blair i woulda brought over my outfoxed dvd instead of leaving it at my true loves house.

these are the problems you face in hollywood.

the cubs have only lost one game since they got nomar you know.

and yes, the clothes in that picture are hanging from a noose.

emmanuelle richard + tim blair + matt welch

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