beastie boys

universal amphitheater


why do i doubt the beastie boys? theyve been doing this shit for twenty years and they’ll be doing it for twenty more.

yes their new album isnt that good. yes they have gray hair now. and theyre too political. and theres no more girls in cages or beer fights and theres no more punk rock in the new record.

but what they have is hip hop coming out of their pores. they also have the best dj in the business.

mixmaster mike worked the wheels of steel as the beasties did their three man weave of hits spanning their incredibly successful career.

doing such crowd pleasing oldies as “time to get ill” and “paul revere” from their first album, while dipping freely from their rich paul’s boutique songbook, the beasties worked the stage masterfully.

in the middle of the show they played the Will Ferrel video where the former SNL star impersonated president bush and then came out on a rolling mini-stage wearing powder blue tuxedoes looking very much like a rented wedding band. perfect for playing “something’s got to give” and several other jazzy funk instrumental cuts from their not too long ago past.

the kids looked great in the stands. the beasties looked weathered but not worn on the stage. karisa and i got drunk from $12 24-oz coronas and stayed on our feet for the entire show five rows from the stage.

it was a great night and we expressed our love for each other and our favorite hip hop group all the way to the jack in the box drive through where we scarfed ultimate cheeseburgers and fries and passed out with our shoes still on ears still ringing from the shrieking encore “sabotage”.

rocked by rock.

as it should be.

upcoming beastie boys shows:

tonight in Long Beach, CA

Sep 16 & 17 in San Francisco

Sep 19 in Seattle

Sep 20 in Vancouver, BC

paige six + terra + go fug yourself

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