Bush has a ten point lead today.

– crid

when the incumbent the day after his convention only has a ten point lead, he should worry.

especially if he’s not that great in debates.

especially if theres a wherehouse full of splaining he’s going to have to do in those debates (wmd, obl, trying to block the 9/11 commission, national guard records, stem cell research, tax relief for the rich, the unwinable war, the biggest deficit ever, and trying to ban gay marriages through a consitutional amendment just to name a few).

maybe you or i could tap dance around every one of those chinese stars of doom,

but your boy?

he could barely read off the teleprompter last night. although i do give him credit for hablaing in espanol. even if now he’s bullshitting us bilingually. props for being unique.

and i wouldnt be suprised if Joe Republican tells every pollster he runs into or talks on the phone to or emails that he’s gonna vote for Dubya

but will think better of it in the privacy of the voting booth

instead of throwing his vote away to a fucking richbitch fratboy retard who has done nothing for this country except give us all proof that regardless of our individual faults, the possibility truly does exist that we can succeed despite them.

huge and ridiculous as they may be.

in the face of results that scream back fuckup + failure + fraud.

republicans have no problem saying out loud that they will remain loyal to their “values” and traditions and vote for who is obviously the worst. president. ever.

and even though our leader might be the exception, most successful people do not get where they are insisting on acting like dimwitted dumbshits.

america talks shit about clinton but respected him as a president and elected him twice and would have elected him a third time.

likewise, america usually knows what the right choice is in the voting booth.

which is why bush got fewer votes last time and will get fewer votes this time.

only thing an alleged ten or eleven point lead will do at this point is encourage the would-be democrat volunteers to get off their asses and register some of their pot smoking freedom loving saturn driving friends.

which reminds me, i need to start registering people through this blog more.

thank you for the inspiration.

register to vote + already registered? request an absentee ballot so you can vote at home via mail and actually think about what youre doing

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