dear mom,

i know how worried you get when you havent heard from me and then see that my blog isnt updated.

but rest assured that if you call and im not home and if you see that i havent written on here that everything is probably ok. probably.

my home computer is still broken so unless i go to chris’s house this weekend this will be the last post till monday, so i figured you’d like a picture of your favorite granddaughter and your favorite son.

things are well out here. it’s warm and sunny. the leaves are just about ready to change. the old lady upstairs sends her regards.

this week karisa and i saw the beastie boys at the universal amphitheater. in a very funny moment i told her that i remembered that we had gone to see eminem and a few tsar shows, but what other concerts had we seen together?

she was all, well, tony,

we flew to san francisco to see U2, we saw kid rock at the universal, we saw zwan at the wiltern, santana at the hollywood bowl, weezer at the long beach arena, the gorilaz at the hollywood paladium, dave pirner at the troubador, beck at the santa barbara bowl, janes addiction at the sb bowl, juliette lewis and the licks at the sunset junction

and then she listed a few more.

i think the smog is getting to me.

karisa has a new roommate, im sure you will be happy to learn. this young lady is a former mormon who rides a motorcycle and works at the hard rock at the universal city walk.

she’s very nice, even if she is a republican. we let that little tidbit slide even though i first met her the night that gw gave his acceptance speech and i was making hella mean comments about him right before her roommate opened the front door.

last week chris and i went to see Hero. i think you would like it. you saw Hidden Dragon Something Tiger. it’s like that, but even better. very beautiful. don’t rent it, see it at the theatre.

chris just got Directv… finally. so on sunday i might be over at her house watching the Bears. they really stink. how are people putting up with that team in chicago? maybe theyre too distracted by the cubs.

theres a very good chance that the cubs will play the dodgers in the playoffs. i hope to see them play here if thats the case. im dumb though and forgot to figure out how to get tickets. jeff from tsar says that getting tix wont be a problem. i didnt ask him what he meant by that.

as you suggested i sent out my resume to some of my favorite companies. it was really scary. but good news: someone super cool wrote me back already and i get to meet with them in a few weeks.

i did this cuz i know how much you dont want me flying chopper one any more.

hope all is well.

i love you very much,


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