Kitty Kelley Determined To Strike It Rich(er)

move over swift boaters, theres a new muckraker town. kitty kelley who has written gossip-laden bios on liz taylor, the royal family, jackie o, and the reagans, is now about to release a book about the Bush family that will no doubt leave no shred of dirty laundry unsniffed.

according to indymedia, the following bulletpoints will be exposed

It reveals alleged sex offenses against minors by Dubya’s father.

It reveals the use of the White House by male hookers.

It reveals crooked business deals by every member of the Bush clan, including the oh-so-holy first lady, Laura “Round Heels” Bush.

It reveals how former first lady Babs Bush is almost a practicing witch.

It reveals how Dubya has had a very special friend in the mayor of a Tennessee city, who has has cohabited the Texas ranch many times.

It reveals the details of embarassing photographs of Bush that actually caused U.S. Govt. agents to perpetrate the anthrax mailings to destroy the building of National Enquirer and kill photo editor Stevens.

It reveals the incredible relationship between Dubya and some famous televangelists.

It reveals intimate details gleaned from persons close to Bush in Crawford, Texas.

It reveals the filth of Bush’s ancestors, the most shocking family in US history.

It reveals how Bush plans additional wars for oil, under the pretense of fighting terrorism and defending Israel — these are just pretenses, the real reason is we are running out of oil.

It reveals Dubya’s oedipus complex with Babs, his love/hate relationship with his father, some surprising medical details about Duby, including an explanation of why he is so burnt out.

It reveals who runs Bush, and it is not Round Heels.

It reveals murders committed by the Bush family.

It reveals why George W. Bush is the greatest threat the US and the world has ever faced.

after the wheelbarrows full of anti-bush books that have come out over the last few years, could kitty’s be the one to break the camel’s back?

doubt it. but it promises to be a cute little fun read.

pre-order it now

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