raymi has returned

because there is a God and He loves us. i keep telling you this. none of you listen. but it’s cool. it’s cool.

speaking of which, jeff jarvis wants us to lay off the hate and the evil and the mudslinging when blogging about this presidential election.

at first i was all, “come on hippie, isnt half the fun of a blog to have not only the ability to sling a little mud, but then sling a little more?”

but, as usual, i was wrong.

half the fun of blogging is getting nice emails from hot chicks who want to get naked with you. the other half is getting a chance to practice writing three times a day in front of hundreds of people.

there actually is no room for mudslinging in a proper blog that aspires to be taken seriously. a gentleman should leave that for the discussion boards.

blogs should be setting the standard. we should be setting the tone that tv and newspapers and magazines once had. and even if we shouldnt be, we could be, so therfore we should be.

the busblog doesnt need to lower its standards to the level of others just because theyre doing it.

and since everyone is so frickin confident about their guy’s record, why bother with the bs?

as a reluctant kerry supporter, i hereby take my man jeff jarvis up on his plea. i will no longer talk about our president’s incomplete military record where he obviously took a few months off to go to rehab or bang sheep or do whatever it was that he was doing. i will no longer write about things that are not rooted in the main facts about this particular race.

the facts being the economy, the war on terror, health care, education, constitutional amendments, the seperation of church and state, the war on drugs, wmd, obl, and the war in iraq.

if jeff wants to lay out a few more standards, i believe that will be helpful.

meanwhile, i would hope that any blogger who thinks that they can run a mud-free blog who supports the president will refrain from john kerry’s health records, his opposition to the vietnam war, the swift boaters, michael moore’s weight, etc.

similarily i will not run out and buy kitty kelly’s new book. and if i do i wont write about it.

sound fair?

hope so.

welcome back raymi. we missed you.

please dont ever go away again.

bunnie + welch + sean bonner + luke is special

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