today greg maddux got his 15th win of the season.

the professor has racked up at least 15 wins a remarkable 17 years in row.

if i ever did get a job blogging for a corporate web site i would turn the busblog into a sports blog. sorry ladies, and euros.

maddux gave the cubs six strong innings, giving up only six hits and three runs, all earned while striking out six in pittsburgh.

after being replaced by kyle farnsworth, maddux left the game with a total of 201 2/3 innings-pitched for the season thus far.

this is the 16th time in 17 years that the veteran righthander has pitched at least 200 innings. in 2002 he missed this milestone by 2/3s of an inning.

more than just a milestone, if maddux had failed to pitch a total of 400 innings this season and next, the cubs had an option to void his $9 million 2006 contract.

maddux helped his own cause by driving in two runners in the top of the second, capping off a cub four-run inning, which was all they needed as they won 6-3 keeping them tied with the SF Giants for the wild card slot in the national league with ten games to play.

the cubs and the giants have identical records (86-66) but the Giants have a much tougher schedule ahead. tonight they face off against Houston at the formerly-named enron field.

as the next few games go down, dont be suprised if it is the dodgers and not the giants who the cubs will be fighting with for that wild card spot, as LA (86-65) are fading like a cheap pair of jeans in hot water.

the dodgers take on the padres tonight in san diego.

nomar garciapara got his second hit in just as many games since returning from injury earlier this week.

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