today is moving day at the xbi

for some good reasons they are moving some people around. for some very bad reasons they are moving some other people around. at 110 years old i dont freak out about these things any more. annoying as they might be at 9:30am on monday morning when all you want to do is blog about the wild weekend that youve had, all the cheerleaders youve kissed and all the famous libras who were born on this day.

i would also like to write about how in the comments section of jeff jarvis’s buzzmachine (i know, i know) mr instapundit himself tried to defend his “moderate” facade, to which another commentor defended him,

to which i asked there and i will ask here:

if anyone can show me one day in the Instapundit’s illustrious career, where he spent one day spending more time criticising the Bush administration more than attacking the left

or if one can show me one time when the Instapundit criticized President Bush three posts in a row, then i will quit calling bullshit on his “but im a moderate” claims.

otherwise jarvis himself should call a little bullshhit on his buddy the blogfather.

of course glenn is a tool cheerleader for the right, who are we kidding?

maybe im just cranky this morning.

one of the people who got booted out of our department was my buddy travis k smiley who was banished to a new land that was integrated with two others.

i am not one to monday morning quarterback. i have said all along that the department that i still reside in and the one that travis k was once part of was a horribly intense place of incredibly busy and hard working people who are all too good of souls to be forced into the gunk they must wade through to collect a paycheck.

youd think that i would be happy to break up such a flawed system. problem is, this part of the system isnt flawed. the jobs suck, but we handle them. we handle them with so few errors that when we do make an error all hell breaks loose.

can you imagine what it must be like to know Every mistake you and your department has made in the last 3 months? it happens that rarely.

which is why it should stay as is.

just give us hella raises.

instead im sitting here with only part of my crew.

sending an s.o.s. to you.

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