america voted,

and america got what it wanted.

my country said last night that deficit spending, fighting wars with countries who had no wmds, deceptions, lies, ignorance, and tax cuts for the rich was what it wanted.

my country said that theyd rather vote for the awoler than the triple purple hearter to defend the nation.

my country said that our gay brothers and sisters shouldnt have the right to marry.

my country said that they wanted new senators. three in particular won. one who thinks that unwed mothers and gays shouldnt be school teachers, one who thinks that doctors who perform legal abortions should get the death penalty, and one who thinks that there should be a consititutional amendment to protect prayer in schools.

my country thinks that it’s right to go it alone and be the world police even if we’re wrong about who we attack and even if it means that our children will have to pay for it with their lives and their finances.

my country thinks that the loser of all three presidential debates should get four more years.

my country thinks that its totally cool that Bush appointed the #1 timber lobbyist to be the head of the Forest Service, a mining industry lobbyist who thinks public lands are unconstitutional to be head of public lands, as well as several other anti-environmentalist to make it easy for corporations to pollute the air and water and rape our natural resources.

makes me wonder if my country actually thinks.

but it is my country, the land that i love. through thick and thin, through better and worse.

moving away is never an option. plus my people have been here for 400 years. we aint going nowhere.

and this isnt about democrat or republican. this is about freedoms versus fears. this is about failure versus hope.

my country picked a failure who ran on one platform: vote republican or die.

cuz thats all he had.

thats all he was made of.

and last night i got to see what my country is made of.

so today i hope my country realizes that it just got what it asked for.

be careful what you ask for.

for these people will continue to hide valueable information from us

they will continue to give tax cuts during times of war to the rich, as irresponsible as that is. as foolish. as pandering.

you encouraged BushCo to keep on keeping on, america.

well, at least 51% of you did.

so give yourselves a round of applause.

on the brighter side, i have a good feeling that rock n roll will be back

with a vengence.

punk too.

and liberalism, which i dont subscribe to, will be bigger and louder and more organized than ever before.

homer simpson voted for who his buddies told him to vote for.

anna kournikova now has her enrique.

and all of those who said that nothing could be worse than these last four years

aint seen nothing yet.

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