karisa called late last night,

drunk, somber


what do we burn down first, she asked.


clipper girls cousin was over trying to get me to inhale some medical marijuana but i didnt want any. i wanted everything to sink in real good.

first thing i thought was where do i go.

do i move to canada and make babies with raymi.

do i move to new york and get the clinton/barack ticket going.

do i get a job with media matters who have just been handed four years of shooting fish in a barrel.

do i apply at the ny times.

i told karisa we cant burn down ohio. ohio has republican senators, a republican governor, they voted to ban gay marriage. ohio isnt interested in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

like pretty much the rest of the country, ohio is interested in the land of the fear and the home of the lame.

like marilyn manson said, i dont have enough middle fingers.

my gmail was nearly full today.

“but the redskins lost at home.”

“but bush is a retard.”

“but everything sucks.”

“but gasoline is $2.50 a gallon.”

people, if theres one thing i have said over and over on this blog

it’s life isnt fair.

it’s not fair that britney spears can marry and divorce in vegas in 48 hours and then marry kevin fuckerhead a few months later

while gay and lesbian couples who have been together for decades cant have that same freedom.

it’s not fair that the president can redact 28 pages of the 9/11 report that explains Saudi Arabias part in terrorism.

it’s not fair that bush “won” in 2000.

nothings fair and nothing will ever be fair.

and america, it isnt fair that we’re living in the richest, top 10 freest, most influencial superpower of all time.

howard stern has been on the air for an hour and hes even frustrated

“it’s time to go back to the penis jokes.”

but before we do, lets give ken layne props for what he busted with the other night on the eve of the election, which was brilliant,

After all the 9/11 horror and bullshit, the crass exploitation of 2,755 killed in those attacks, $4 billion in ’04 campaign spending, 1,100 American troops killed in Iraq, 800 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan, the biggest deficit in American history, an orgy of new laws and federal bureaucracies that will be with us for many years to come, cynical & doomed campaigns to amend the Constitution, less jobs, more expensive health insurance, low mortgage rates, swift boats, tax cuts, Orange Alerts, Howard Dean, Anthrax, Michael Moore, Air America, Fox News, fonts, blogs, Saddam captured and Osama on the loose, everything is basically the same as it was on Sept. 10, 2001.

Nobody today is more Sept. 10 than George W. Bush. Just like on that boring day three years ago, Bush is disliked by half the country, while a vocal minority sees him as a stupid yet dangerous fraud who must be deposed. The only thing that’s changed is the intensity of feeling. Same on the other side, with half the country saying, “Yeah, he’s okay” and a vocal minority of Bush followers who hate and fear non-Republicans — and Republicans who question Bush — carrying on just as they did on Sept. 10, 2001.

the title of laynes post is “all for nothing” and thats exactly how i feel.

who would have thought that moore and the job loss and the debates and the deficit and all those dead and maimed in iraq and 9/11 and osama still putting out tapes and the lack of wmd and bush just being bush wouldnt change one state’s mind?

theres not enough fire karisa to make this go away.

we need to realize that we live in a country that believes that gays shouldnt be allowed to get married

and george bush can protect us.

and tonight they will spend $50 to fill up their Explorer

they will turn on everyone loves raymond

and they wont even see the impeachment coming.

amy + chelle + gorilla mask

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