dear fellow Christian americans,

gays are already married.

where it matters.

“let no man break apart what the Lord has joined.”

to me that means no man. not even you.

but its cool, i know you didnt show up in droves to win the election for bush.

mostly cuz youre not that big of a number: actual bible-thumping american Christians who think moralities should be legistlated by government.

and even if you were a sizable number, how many of you truly support a leader who invades another country because they seemed dangerous.

all that fighting and mayhem and blood and guts, but exactly how many pre-emptive strikes do you remember in the bible?

how many times did you see God or His chosen ones attack another nation so that they wouldnt attack them first?

i remember one.

the flood.

and afterwards the Lord felt so bad about it he created the rainbow to remind mankind that he would never do anything like that again.

Christians don’t believe in pre-emptive strikes.

And Christians, real Christians when they’re afraid trust in the Lord – not guns, not armies.

In Rumsfeld we trust?

I don’t think so.

There were two biblical ways to handle 9/11: the old school old testament way of “an eye for an eye” which would mean that since Osama and the majority of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, that we would strike back at… well, Saudi Arabia.

or the new school, Christian teaching of “turn the other cheek.”

bombing, invading, and occupying iraq doesn’t fit in with either of those teachings.

Christians voting from a biblical Christian place in their hearts would actually vote *against* president Bush.

those weren’t Christians who voted for the president the other night.

those were people who don’t believe in a higher, spiritual being rooted in love respecting our neighbors, and forgiveness

those Bush voters are people who believe in isolationism, an agressive military, and holding on to the treasures of earth – not the promise of a heavenly reward.

even though i disagree with them doesn’t mean that i don’t love them or respect them

but i wouldn’t deem them as Christian just cuz they don’t live in big cities.

in fact the people who live in the cities and states that were the targets of the 9/11 terrorism (new york, penn., and d.c.) actually voted against Bush. many of the victims of the airplanes that crashed were from mass. and california, those two states voted against Bush too.

are we to speculate that those states believe that their safety is better in the hands of someone other than bush?

i think so.

and to be honest, i dont think spirituality has anything to do with it.

i think most of the united states who didnt vote to re-elect the president would be very interested to find out why people voted the way that they did, but to assume that it was the Christian vote just doesnt match up with Christian teaching or even common sense.

but i forgive them.

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