i love it when people come to this blog

my blog, The blog and try to tell me to stop “ranting”.

when they came here for the first time probably Because of a rant.

what they should say is “quit ranting about things that i disagree with you about, because it makes me sad.”

asking tony pierce to back off on the ranting is like asking jim henson to take it easy with the puppets.

a while back people asked that i stop writing about politics.

yesterday i got twice as many hits as normal Because people wanted to read what i had to say about the election.

then tons of people thanked me and encouraged me regarding what i had to say.

the lesson is, blog what is real for you. dont listen to the negative commentors. meanwhile take the praise with a grain of salt but dont feed off it.

last month the busblog got more hits than any other month over the last year. some of it was due to the washington post and some of it was due to mr. wil wheaton, my new best friend.

but the majority of it was due to average blogs and bloggers and their readers who bookmark this page not to find out which cheerleader waxed my pole but to read what i have to say about a variety of topics

including counting the ways that the leader of the free world is an imbecile.

which is why it baffles me when regular readers get their boxers in a bunch when they come here the day after the elections and see that my nipples arent as hard as theirs are.

the lakers suck. anna kournikova is long gone. the elections are over but like a fart ripped by a herd of elephants, the residue is wafting in the air.

and im here to write it down for posterity.

so yes im going to write down all of it

and that includes knocking the pundits who got it wrong about why the “red” states voted the way that they did.

which wasnt because they loved this president so much, or even liked what he did over the last four years

and it wasnt because they read the Bible and saw some passage that said to shoot first hans.

they voted the way that they did because 9/11 made them piss their pants.

and the idea of gays gaining rights is something that they arent at all comfortable with.

my belief is america doesnt believe that anyone could have prevented 9/11

but someone can stop the gays.

and the gaystopper got re-elected.

if you have a different opinion i will never tell you not to voice it, which is the difference between freedom loving independents like myself and conservatives whose first intinct is to stop people from doing things.

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