i wonder if we could establish a rule

between bloggers and comic strip artists who have a presence on the web.

the rule should be that we can use their strip as long as we link the image to their site and maybe one or two other times in the post.

like even at the end of it.

cuz the problem is, if you arent reading the paper anymore how are you going to find great comics?

and if youre a comic artist why not expand into the world of blogs which could directly link your comic with, i dont know, a book you might be hyping or merch or something.

just in time for kwanza.

i know i have a much harder time finding something good graphically to put up here than to think of something to say.

i would love to have a comic a day on here.

similarily i bet if corbis had a blogger rate for small images, i might be interested.

and if they sold 4×6 prints for $10 each of the ones that are least requested i bet they might get more takers than theyd realize.

and chad from chokey chicken asks if the busblog will have a new book out before christmas and the magic eightball says maybe

which is a ton better than no

but you know who has a book which i’m sure is terrific is my favorite baseball blogger mr aaron gleeman, its called the Hardball Times 2004 Baseball Annual

aaron is a college student in minnesota who has written for Baseball Primer, Rotoworld, InsiderBaseball.com, and FOXSports.com

he’s so badass that he got Bill James to write a guest column for the book.

if you want to get matt welch a thanksgiving present, this would be perfect.

get your war on + republic of seabrook + raymi + danielle

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