our pal karisa j

wrote me today and said, tony what are you going to do now that Nader isnt on the california ballot?

i was a little shocked cuz i didnt know that nader wasnt on the california ballot.

so since i dont vote for people who cant find their way on the ballot, choosing between the people that i now see on the ballot, i will be voting for john f kerry

who won the debates – in a sweep

who faught in nam and was a hero moreso when he returned and called bullshit

who was a senator for 20 years

who gives a shit about the enviornment

who is Christian and knows how to seperate church from state

who can stand in front of people and speak like a man who earned his college degree

who has no family ties to saudi arabia who were 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists

who wont be giving any tax breaks to the rich

who isnt running with a vice presidential candidate who is profitting financially from the war in iraq

who wrote a friggin book about global terrorism and afghanistan back in 1997 long before it became trendy to yell out “terror” to try to get re-elected

who believes that a woman should have the choice to decide what happens in her womb

who will provide a much needed balance to the republican congress and republican supreme court because america works best when there is compromise.

and when im done voting, im going to hang out with the cool kids and party and drink

and pray like ive never prayed before.

springsteen speaking in wisconsin + murphy + kalipornica

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