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cinco, for my homie TIMMMAY!!!
(1) five ways of smoking weed:
1. joint
2. pipe
3. bong
4. vaporizor
5. gravity bong

(2) five types of pot:
1. Chronic
2. Shwag
3. Hashish
5. thai stick

(3) best times to smoke weed:
1. wake-n-bake
2. before you go to sleep
3. prior to a dentist appointment (cotton mouth)
4. after sex
5. before sex

(4) worst times to smoke weed:
1. during sex
2. right before you get pulled over
3. before you pack for a trip
4. prior to going to a store
5. when you go to see your shrink

(5) five people who SHOULD be smoking pot:
1. President Bush
2. Michael Jackson
3. the pope
4. condaleeza rice
5. donald rumsfeld

i pass the batton to no one. because i like to bogart.

anti + wil wrote about capt video on pico, ah memories + i missed matt’s bday!

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