seven minutes with tony

people have asked me, whats up with this twenty minutes with tony bs? and i say the truth which is, even if you only have seven minutes before you have to pop into the shower and go to work you can post something on your blog.

therefore all of you socalled writers and artists and bloggers and commentors have no excuse not to update your blog everyday.

twice a day if you know whats good for you.

for example, how good was Lost yesterday? damn. i was listening to howard stern yesterday and that big lipped smelly gummed bababooey said that he had read on the web that we werent going to find out what was in the hatch until the third episode. ha to the ha dumbass flaflaflooey!

btw thats exactly what my apartment looks like minus the vinyl. records are for nerds.

anyways as you know im an amateur art historian which is why i present to you the picture to the left that has just been discovered by someone or another.

many believe that this is a divinci of mary magdelan.

i say bs.

i say no way jose.

i say not only did divinci have a little more subtlety in his work but look at how rotten those hands are

plus the nips are all cockeyed and shit.

yes i know that boobies arent always aligned, but we’re talking one of the Messiahs best friends. da vinci wouldnta pulled that shit way back then i dont care what her rep was in the street.

so yes, the busblog appreciates the fake but must deem it a fake and if this was antiques roadshow i would value it at



in other news dusty baker should be traded to the giants for barry bonds. yes i dont like barry but the mfer is back and the cubs need another left handed bat and i dont know what he and roger clemens are taking or what underground lair theyre working out in but dusty isnt the manager that the world thinks he is

in fact hes not even the best manager in chicago

and if theres one thing that this cub fan cannot stand its when the cubs arent the best team in chitown.

i dont mind if they lose, but they cant get less wins than the sox.

so yes, trade dusty back where he belongs, to the wine drinking, streetcar rdiding crooked streets of frisco where he can chew his toothpicks in the cold of pac bell park or whatever they call that place.

and yes, bring us steroids boy because that fucker can hit i dont care what sort of ass he is.

i need a bat in my lineup and i dont care who you replace dusty with, the a’s have proven that you can win 90 games with anyone at the helm.

and everyone has ten minutes to blog.

evil china girl + the pants + farmer in the deli + vivian