on a day when the instapundit

convienently glossed over the fact that his (white) representative inconceiveably tried, failed, and then complained when he was denied membership to Tennessee’s Black Legislative Caucus, strangely this wasn’t the most embarrassing and head-scratching moment from a Republican on Wednesday.

Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) probably thought he had won the most dumbassed statement of the day when he complained about his rebuff to the 18-member caucus, but he would have been wrong.

On any other day saying something as ignorant as “My understanding is that the KKK doesn’t even ban members by race,” would have earned the freshman lawmaker from the Instapundit’s city the dubious distinction of being the day’s dingiest dumbass, especailly after adding that the most famous racist American hatemongers, the Klan, “has less racist bylaws” than the black lawmakers’ group.

But the racist of the day, infact, has to go to Fox News Contributor, and former Drug Czar Bill Bennett who yesterday on his nationally-syndicated radio show said that if all Black pregnancies were aborted, US crime would go down.

That’s right, Ronald Reagan’s former Secretary of Education went there

on the radio

for everyone to hear,

or in mediamatters’ case, to transcribe:

I do know that it’s true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could — if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky.

oh, and they also have an mp3

bennett however doesn’t speculate on how less crime there’d be if you aborted every white baby, or every Christian baby, or every baby from republican parents — which is the flaw to his arguement and the essence of his racism. for some reason he simply chose to single-out Black babies, even though Blacks only account for 11% of the nation.

if one was to take bennett’s approach, that of aborting children to prevent crime, why not abort all children, or all baby boys. surely you’d nip in the bud far more potential criminals that way.

but instead the author of the Book of Virtues, The Moral Compass, and The Children’s Book of Faith targeted, in his example, only Black fetuses.

was it a Black baby who grew up to be the House Majority Leader who was indicted today for allegedly money laundering aka conspiracy today?

was it a Black baby who grew up to be the Senate Majority Leader who was allegedly given insider information which prompted him to dump his stock before it dramatically fell, prompting the SEC to formally begin its investigation today?

according to Bennett’s eye-opening theory, if those men were aborted as children those alleged crimes wouldnt have happened and thus the crime rate would have gone down.

racism is a tricky thing, he’s right. you have to open your mouth, stick your foot in there, and shove it deep down your throat while singling out one minority race to unjustly stereotype in a negative, and oftentimes, violent way.

the instapundit’s representative displayed the ignorant side of racism, but Bill Bennett showed the horrifyingly eerie and cruel side of racist thought that many thought was overreaching to even bring up during the tragedies in New Orleans.

but here we have two more examples of right wing white men in positions of power spreading their ignorance and hate so casually and boldly that they dont even blink.

it’s tricky to be a horse’s ass.

We are not thugs we don’t use drugs but you assume on your own
They offer coke and lots of dope but we just leave it alone
It’s like that y’all (y’all), but we don’t quit
You keep on shock shock… Cause this is it…

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i dont think most of you understand,

this thing isnt supposed to look like this, its not supposed to read like this, its not supposed to be like this. its supposed to be punk rock and edgy, arty and poetic, sexy and surreal,

scary and hairy and all kinds of weird turned into weirder still.

and all the fly ladies are supposed to throw their virtual panties in the air while the cash money millionaires offer me better deals than the next.

but i’ll take what is instead. which is this. and by this i mean the busblog writing something true and good and real and surreal and weird and wonderful and sexy and hopeful and ideal and rockin and beautiful.

the cubs made it.

today they slammed the door on the central and they said fuck houston, fuck st. louis, and fuck pittsburg with a doubleheader sweep.

as if it werent a thing.

theres two ways i could handle this. i could do what i did all year and try to play it cool, or i could write about the cubs every day like you know i should.

after the game karisa invited me over to eat some of her homemade clam chowdah.

it was pretty damn good.

what the cubs did today they havent done in 14 years. that means some of the girls ive dated lately were 5 years old the last time my team was in the playoffs. my shit is so wrong.

best part of karisas chowder was the bacon. nice little tasty morsals. how ya gonna beat that?

for her sake i hope the redsox make it to the world series against the cubs.

and i hope it gets to a seventh game, cuz everyone knows that the last four times the sox were in the world series they lost in the seventh game. but thats mean.

wouldnt mind taking on the yankees either.

but first its the mighty hotlanta braves. a team that took four out of six from the cubbies during the regular season.

but you know what.

fuck atlanta who always rolls over in rocktober anyway and then bring on the giants.

the way wont be easy

but it will be good.

prior sosa


and wood.

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three years ago


i was cutting my filet mignon in first class jetting from miami to LAX thinking about how red meat doesn’t agree with me any more. thinking about how i don’t like hugh grant and i really don’t like him when he’s really good in really good movies like “about a boy.” i was doing my best to resist the luxury the rich have become used to. i was trying to keep it real.

the blonde stewardess had a bottle of red in one hand and a bottle of white in the other. i was chewing on a mouthful of spinach salad and buttering my warm sourdough roll and i nodded towards the red.

i wasn’t keeping shit real.

i did have surfer shorts on, an ac/dc tshirt, marilyn manson on the mp3 cd player that my good buddy got me off my wishlist last year. but i was laughing at a film produced by the makers of bridget jones diary and about to dive back into a novel i was totally loving from the oprah book club.

i knew things were really bad when i couldn’t keep my eyes off the clouds.

they were amazing. i wasn’t on drugs. i wasn’t in love. i wasn’t emotional in any way, i was entranced by them. they were like rockstars up there, i couldn’t keep my eyes off of them and i couldn’t believe i was so close to them. i was in the front row, i was backstage, i was on stage.

they were great flying over texas, they were great over new mexico. there weren’t any in palm springs but they were creeping that way and they covered the entire LA basin and as we made our descent they were like snow that had been skied over by thousands of vacationers. they were still. they were stoic. they had stories to tell about their creation. they were going somewhere. they were covering a news story. they were peeking at our lives.

over miami they stole the sun and sifted the rays. in la they were the sunscreen. spf 75. in aruba they simply provided sunshowers, tears from the gods who had no beachtowels.

it made me want to be a pilot. but only on cloudy days.

this is the busblog and i wouldn’t be totally honest if i didn’t reveal that when i changed trains today at wilshire and vermont i took the wrong train for the first time in over a year. i took the train that wasn’t going to take me to work, but take me back home, where the gorgeous twenty year old was snoozing in my bed, hopefully dreaming of nice things instead of allowing the demons to whisper silly lies in her dreams.

i don’t deserve any of the good that comes my way. for the record. i don’t deserve the incredibly delicious wine flavored au jus on my steak or the leather recliner or blonde stewardesses or the island girls, or the vacations, or the attentions, or the friends who pick me up at the airport, or the ones who call me upon arrival, or the raiders kicking ass, or you, or this, or that.

but i will take it and i will appreciate it.

and i will do my best not to lie so much the rest of this year.

i stole an LA Times today from a machine and i don’t feel the slightest bit guilty.

house majority leader steps down, will karl rove will be next? developing…

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good luck, but i will win 🙂

the bob dylan doc on pbs

monday and tuesday night were waiting for me on my tivo and it made me think and think and think and then it made me miss ashley.

as you know ive had a blessed life. there should never be a time when im black on the inside or black on the blog or black at all except in my heart, but there in a good way.

i missed ashley because sometimes id put dylan on when we’d make out and you really cant do that with a teenager at the turn of the century who knows all the words to incubus but nothing from blood on the tracks.

and youd think that those wouldnt be the types of girls id make out with but pretty much everyone is wrong about me.

people love to put people in boxes is what i learned from this dylan doc.

folk singer.


pretty much every job that ive ever had they say at first that im not organized and i just let them say what they wanna say cuz theyre not gonna listen too close to me anyways.

just like how you cant explain bob dylan to a topless teenager in a hotel room in frisco, people will either eventually figure out that some things arent like anything else in the world, or they’ll miss the boat entirely.

bob dylan means the world to me.

what i learned from him is to keep your head down and dont listen to the boundaries being pushed because of course theyre going to screech and howl

and when the reporters ask their questions lie and smile.

when i was in college i wrote a little peice for the santa barbara news-press. it wasnt a long thing it was short and they didnt put it in the regular part of the newspaper they put it on the front page of the classifieds.

i was a writer at the time for the college paper and even though i didnt have any exclusive thing going for the paper, im a loyal man. and the only reason i did it was cuz the fratboy associated students president did it the week before so when the newspress called our office and asked me to write something in rebuttal to stir up some controversy the good people of santa barbara lompoc and goleta could turn to the classifieds and go to the campus corner and see the mudslinging there.

the newspress thought they were so smart getting the red ants and the black ants to fight for their folly next to mattresses being sold and prayers being offered up to st. christopher.

but the black kid with the afro holding the skateboard next to his column about the sellout president of the students had the last laugh because secretely the only reason that i did that column was because i noticed that the AS president had listed his grade point average, major, year next to his name

so when the editor asked me my major i said english, when he asked me my year i said junior and when he asked me my gpa i lied and said 3.9 knowing full well that those bastards had no time or inclination to fact check such a petty thing like the gpa of the sports editor of the paper.

especially since i had attacked the president so hard in my column accusing him of trying to impress his boyfriends at his frathouse, excuse me, brothers, by sucking up to the chancellor and doing her bidding by voting for what she wished etc etc.

so when it ran i clipped it, and mailed it to my mother and said ma your boy finally has a respectable gpa!

and my poor mother was deathly afraid that id be sued by the paper until i told her that if she looked closer to the picture of her son holding the skateboard she would plainly see that my fingers were crossed.

which in california completely absolves you of any crime.

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