dear anonymous asswipe

who said my post about the chicago buzznet meetup was boring,

who the fuck asked you?

and who the fuck cares what you think?

theres a reason your momma named you anonymous, it was cuz her dick smelled like shit and her mouth was full.

why didnt you leave your blog address? the one thats burning up the blogosphere and people are falling all over themselves to link to you? was it because after you signed up for you forgot the password?

its bushcheney just like all your passwords genius.

i bet your dick is huge. i bet you get lightheaded when you sweat to the oldies with richard simmons. i bet you look great in your peter pan outfit and your angel wings.

i bet right now youre stocking up on peanut butter to rub all over you as you starve your poodles in preparation.

let me tell you something about this blog negative anonymous commentor, this is as good as it gets. its the best because we dont allow pussy ass bitches to fuck up the program, we treat them like whiteheads: we identify them, analyze them, squeeze them, and then sterilize the infected pore. sorta like what God did to your momma after she shit you out and left you in that dumpster to die.

but even hell didnt want you so you had to move away to the cold, get raised by constantly lactating dobermans so you could leave fucked up lies on peoples blogs.

i came to chicago i drank booze i ate hot dogs i drank more booze i danced to fucking shania twain i drove pretty girls home and i woke up with a hangover in hangover park for your ungrateful ass, and then i fucking wrote about it and posted pictures so that you could be entertained for the hour and a half that it took you to sound out the words and you thank my by saying it was a zzzz post?

fuck you and your sore asshole. fuck you and your sadness. fuck you and your political and religious beliefs. fuck you and your kiddie porn.

im sorry that people want to come out in the rain and the shit and the cold and party with me and dance and drink and leave their shit in the back of my car and write about meeting me in their blogs and take pics with me and link me at the top of their shit. to be honest i dont know why anyone does it but they do. and theyve done it now in ny, la, vancouver, and now my sweet home of chicago.

im sorry i dont suck cock for crack like you do and then write about it so you’d find some sort of deeper bond than me. im sorry i use my real name unlike you and your pussy ass. im sorry i live a life worth writing about and you have your hairy palms and oprah reruns.

and im sorry youre such a loser

mr delay

but as soon as bushie pardons you you can go back to sucking on the teet of america and living off the fears of the redstate nation like youve done all these years.

just do us all a favor and keep your dumbshit comments out of the blogosphere

or if you insist on acting a fool, be a man and leave your name email address and brilliant blog url so we can all be enlightened with your prosedy.

hell is full of dullards and liars, my comments are full of angels, so either change your tune or stay the fuck out.

out like your daddy

out like your facist party

out like your ip address which will be right underneath the phone number that you scrawled on the bathroom stall at the little league.


and next time you leave a comment tell the truth which is you love my shit. leave the bullshit for the grand jury.

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