glenn reynolds is having a rough week

on friday Kevin Drum at the Washington Monthly put him in his place for posing the juvenile arguement that people who have the gall to suggest that the President misled us about the reasons that we went to war were unpatriotic.

according to the good professor the post created a load of hatemail. Glenn’s response: he says that Drum quoted him out of context. Drum sets him straight.

on Monday, the right-leaning Oxblog, who lists Glenn as the George Washington of Bloggers took Drum’s side… politely… soberly… and in a restrained manner, but basically says Glenn’s off base on this one.

in fact the fallout on that unfortunate post put the professor on the hot seat in what seemed like a hanging curveball for guys like oliver willis to knock out of the park.

the weekend seemed to just give people chance to reload in preperation for his next fuckup. in fact yesterday, for some reason, Glenn decided to send traffic to a blog who suggested that the media was to blame for Bush’s problems.

pro journalist Matt Welch took a billyclub to this argument and reminded his readers that this is exactly the type of thing that the Instapundit loves to promote – that Bush’s fuckups arent his, theyre everyone elses.

Glenn, in turn complained that Welch was dissing him.

but when soon-to-be blogger Andrew Sullivan defended Welch in his attack of Reynolds’s bizarre stance, i nearly felt sorry for the tennessee prof.

especially in light of the fact that his new venture Pajamas Media had started off on such a horrible foot, most recently when they hired and then fired Luke Ford – a move Cathy Seipp says they had to do. Seipp explains that the SD Reader wouldnt run a pro-abortion rights piece or an anti-Israel piece in the New Republic — but then she says that Ford is basically anti-porn and his coverage keeps them in check. which means that would be like the SD Reader firing a reporter simply for covering the abortion issue.

but now to add insult to injury, the renamed PJ Media, now Open Source Media, got a little press on Reuters – but the news service put pictures of the OSM launch in the CIA Leak Investigation slide show. Is Reuters trying to tell us something?

and sadly, Reuters chose to snap pics of several of the bloggers of OSM, including one of Charles Johnson of LGF (above) but alas, none of the blogfather.

and if the bloodletting couldnt get any worse, long-time journalist Jeff Jarvis, logs in from halfway around the world to see the launch via a webcast and is still not impressed with OSM. complaining that indeed Judith Miller is still going to give the keynote, and that theres someone on the panel who thinks blogging is “absurd.”

let’s see if glenn calls her unpatriotic and then blames the media for planting her on the stage.

[update: Dennis the Peasant reports that the name Open Source Media is the name of someone else’s company. Whoopsie. Maybe they should just go back to Pajamas Media. developing…}

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