i write to you this morning from sunny and warm santa monica

i spent the night with my old flame rene marie spurnikova. she and i have spent many many nights together over the centuries and every time theyre just as magical as the first.

i teased in my interview with smelly danielley that she is my soul mate and that the funny thing about soul mates is you dont always end up getting naked with them every night. and its true. we felt perfectly in each others arms and all tangled and even though we didnt copulate, we didnt have to, she knew and i knew that there was love being exchanged there. a deeper love than i ever expected that first night under the bleachers, and far more than i expected when i drove over yesterday.

she lives on the beach near the airport so she suggested that i crash with her and we ordered chinese from the china wok and you forget how good chinese can be when you eat nothing but bad chinese in hollywood.

we gorged and watched the first two episodes of the office on dvd, a gift i received from my buddy chris and his wife hillary.

so in a few hours im going to get on a jet plane and leave this unbelievably perfect weather for not so perfect and totally believable thanksgiving weather in chicago.

i know why i dont like going back home during the holidays. its very emotional for me, its very uncomfortable for me. its nice to see my family and everything but so much has changed since i was a lad. i fucked up and announced that the Buzznet meetup would be in Wrigleyville, but i dont want to see the bleachers being renovated or torn up.

if i was half the man i should have been, i would have studied harder in school and gotten a law degree at some ivy league college so i could run for mayor of chicago so things like lights at wrigley or bleacher reconstruction wouldnt even be an option.

and once i put a moretorium upon fucking with the greatest temple to sports of all time, id have retired at an early age to isla vista where i would have incorporated that fair village and been mayor of the 93117.

but alas i slacked and all i have to offer you is this blog. pah rump a rump rump.

i have a short layover in las vegas where the daisy princess works part time at the cinnabun and i will deliver her a signed copy of Stiff.

then i’ll be on my way to the windy for only the second time in like eight years.

i will miss you sunny california. i will miss you perfect blue skies.

i will miss you cheerleaders who tap at my door and giggle and apologize for waking me.

i will miss you midnight tacos open all night

i will miss you scientologists who probably hated the latest episode of south park but hopefully secretly found it genius, which it was.

i will miss you clear skies and green mountains and fires in ventura and crackheads on the blvd.

i will miss you hollywood starlets in your low cut finery.

i will miss you parade of new cars and fake baked men who drive them.

i will miss you kids who skateboard down anything they can find and have no idea how great they have it here.

until theyre somewhere else.

or fixin to leave.

osm is back to being pajama media + german + billy the kid + mostly meat

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