jimi plays the blues

after sex
what is there
after lust is what i mean
sitting there on the edge of the bed
big room big mind
its 4am now shes rubbin my back
dont touch me nevermind
i feel only a little bad
bad that i wont fall asleep with her
and now im not really a boy no more
i tucker in kiss her soft cheek let myself out
drive home listening to acdc cuz i am a boy.
the stoplights flash red black red
theres so many people out not just bums
tall men and women outside of bars
i wanna tell em its not worth it
its love inside your belly cant believe how cute she looks
not cant believe how bad she sucks
its love you must want im sure
again ive gone down the wrong path
but when i called her she asked
please wont you come
i think im dumb
and someday my princess will come
skipping and wearing converse
maybe she wont have a string purse
she’ll knock knock on my door
dress like an angel and fuck like a whore
aint gonna screw on maggies floor no more
the twighlights still growing and the streets they are filling
the suns lighting up my shades and the bulb on my ceiling
i wish i could tell you right now
just how im feeling
glad to get laid but love was not made
dont come back here mister
your tab has been paid.

from Stiff, available now

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