there are many great things about matt good

and his lovely wife jenny, and their dogs, and this city, and the ladies here, and the weather while i have been here and all that, but one of the best things about matt is in offerring me this chance to document much of this weekend he wasnt afaid to sorta dispell the rockstar myth.

example a is this photo on the left. his dressing room.

typically youd expect a rockstar who has two sold out nights at his hometown theatre to have at least one or two groupies to snort coke from their bosoms in the dressing room as the wife fumes. but alas after our dinner, we walked across the street and watched hockey as matt drank tea and most of us sipped on water.

i know, not the exciting crazy frenzied drama-filled world that, id like to see, perhaps, but its the reality. the biggest drama of the pre-show was that the cannucks couldnt get a decent shot off in the entire third period.

so i went down into the crowd and hung out with the fans and once again i was recognized and was asked to pose for pics and i was bought beers and during the show a kind gentleman even introduced me to the two girls he had arrived with. interesting lasses, these, as they kissed him and then kissed each other. because he was a fan of mine he offered one of the young canadians to me and i didnt expect the super cute one to walk my way but she did and he said this is the famous tony pierce.

and she said no youre not.

and i said i know, the real tony pierce doesnt leave his house.

and she got up so close to me, america, and it was loud cuz matt was rocking, and she rubbed her velvelty smooth cheek next to mine and said, so how are you doing tonight.

sometimes things are too good to believe but lil tone believed it and tried to pick her pocket and at that point i realized i could either go back to her house or have an f contest with my buddy and who knows perhaps we could have even been creative and played reindeer games up here in the great white north out in the pines but instead i remembered that i had been sent my buzznet and i was a guest of the goods and my purpose this weekend wasnt to ruin canadian girls forever but to take pictures so i passed and it was a tough pass but i passed never the less and it pains me now to say so but i have a feeling this particular youngin will never have a hard time finding lovin

the show? oh yeah that. the show was amazing. i know im not the most knowledgeable matthew good fan and in a perfect world a bigger fan or even a canadian who grew up on his music would have gotten this golden ticket behind the velvet ropes but i have seen hundreds of concerts and this was definately an A. not only was matt intense but he was dare i say joyful.

unlike the night before i ventured side stage and back stage and places i hadnt been before and to watch the crowd sing along and the different looks that the band gave each other of absolute pleasure cuz this band is tight was really cool.

the drummer nearly destroyed his kit, the guitar player nearly ruined his guitar. even the guitar tech was stomping around side stage because matt good and company were not going to leave anything behind.

after the show i tried to give matt some time to shower off and chill out so i hung out with the fans who were dancing to the PA music (stones, arcade fire, acdc, etc) but when i got up to their dressing room it was just matt me and jen and matt was visibily and audibly drained. but so happy. the show before i asked jen if matt had fun up there but last night you could tell how much fun he had.

because he was so wasted though he didnt meet and greet instead he had his manager call for a cab and we made our way to the back door and jen slipped on the metal stair that was slippery from rain and the security guy caught her or shed had been toast. unfortunately there was a car accident near the commodore and the cops had blocked off the streets around the commodore and no cabs could get in. we didnt know that though and had to stand out back waiting and waiting and this drunk fan approached matt and said oh my god its my hero matthew good, matt whats the meaning of life? not really the question you want to be asked when you just gave a 2.5 hour show after a long tour but matt was polite to the drunkard and people asked for autographs and finally we just walked a block and hailed a cab and drove home, ate pizza and passed out.

but beforehand matt demanded that i stay in vancouver an extra night so i could see the city properly and this morning jen gave me the grand tour and we went to stanley park and did the whole deal as in the whole deal. and i took lots of pics and today was really sunny and dry so the sights were spectacular.

i wont say it was warm. it was crisp. the mountains were gorgous. the water everywhere was great. the leaves were super colorful and bright. people were playing frisbee with no jackets on. people in canada love their parks on nice days like today.

oh i forgot, before the show yesterday we ate sushi. i have never really eaten sushi. partially because that would be considered gay in the town where i grew up. and not that i worry about such things but what you learn as a boy sometimes stays with you. so i figured im in a different country filled with strange and beautiful things like lotsa asian girls in skirts mamamia and fish. so i had sushi and tempura and it was quite nice.

the whole trip has been rad and i must thank mr mc brown for letting me stay and extra day and have a day off.

pat + near fantastica + voix de michele + stephen + i took tons of new pics here

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