today is jenny’s 25th birthday

and she barely looks a day over 23.

noones gonna believe anything that i write in this post because its gonna sound all kissassy and whatever, but you know what, its true and i dont care what you think.

jenny is a killer person, as cool as she is beautiful. she can drive with will alone, she can cook as good as any iron chef, and she adores her babies (benji, pete, casey, and matt) with as much love as you can imagine.

and shes a great hostess.

as you can tell from her pictures, she has amazing fashion taste, and shes such a fashionista that she apologized for her sunday morning outfit that included a pink izod plaid vest, designer jeans, and pink asics. i was all, are you aplogizing to the doggies, cuz i dont care.

shes a big fan of music (currently rocking to the arcade fire, the libertines, and the ladies and gentlemen) and is pleasantly knowledgeable about the national hockey league, and is now working on curling.

in fact when people asked her in front of matt what the rockstar was going to get her for her birthday she said she was hoping that he would hook her up with some sweet cannucks tickets. tell me thats not an ideal woman.

indeed, when she recently was planning a trip to visit one of her best friends in colorado she intentionally scheduled it so that she could see the cannucks play the avalanche in denver. because the world loves jenny she ended up with seats on the glass right next to the bench.

if the ladies werent already jealous enough of her for being happilly married to canadas coolest rocker, jennifer pretty much eats anything she wants. including deserts. and i never saw her work out. i never even heard her talk about working out. maybe its her good karma. or maybe she secretly snuck in a few miles on their treadmill when matt and i were oot and aboot.

animal lover, activist, and vegitarian, mrs good defended her husband when their american visitor accused him of being gay for buying salon-purchased hair and hygene product by saying that matt doesnt buy things that are tested on animals. and then she told the visitor about some natural products that he should start using.

although shes an aspiring fashion designer, i think jenny should go into either animal training or working with peta because although she has an excellent eye for hot clothes, her heart is with the animals, so much so that when we saw the scariest spider in the world she still didnt wish ill on it – bad drivers, however, are another story.

finally, how beautiful is jenny? well, beauty comes from the heart. and jen’s heart is so beautiful that when i first met the goods they were staying at the mondrian on the sunset strip and she was at the pool and one of the first things i ever told matt was that he had the hottest girl at the hottest pool in the world.

he said, thank you, i know.

so happy birthday jennifer, rollerblader, park patron, animal crusader, starbucks acheiver, and no-hands driver. i cant imagine a better woman to run your household of boys.

i hope the cannucks shutout calgary for you tonight and theres a bench-clearing brawl in your honor.

jennifer dot net + peta + matt good

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