Vancouver – are you out there!?@?

last week you gave me your heart, you gave me good weather, you gave me young girls, you gave me four days with your native son.

TONIGHT i give you my favorite band and the best one-two punch of all the USA.

TONIGHT at Richard’s On Richards, i invite you to witness the no-holds-barred duel barrell attack

of Juliette Lewis & the Licks AND special guests TSAR!

if i could be there you know i would. if i could be there i would be in line right now. if i could be there i would have bells on and a bunny costume and a big sign that says THE LORD LOVES ME AND I KNOW IT BECAUSE I’M ABOUT TO GET ROCKED!

Oh, Canada!

Do you know how lucky you are?

Do you know that the angels are smiling on you as we speak?

Do you know that this is the reason why Columbus discovered america and why the terrorists hate us? Its not because of our freedom it’s because of our ROCK. they dont have rock like this over there. they dont have smoke machines. they dont have model actresses writhing around on your dirty stage.

they dont have manish boys wearing american flag capes. they dont have fucking shit compared to you and me.

so jump in to the open arms of rock and throw your hands in the air and waving around like you just dont give a fuck and when you walk out of the sweaty club baptised in the holy spirit you remember who you need to thank: your momma for saying yes a long time ago, and your friends for showing you the internet.


Richard’s On Richards
1036 Richards Street

and be a dear and take pics for your pal in LA.


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